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Listed: TV on the Radio + Double Leopards

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Brooklyn Genesis revisionists TV on the Radio and Brooklyn fringe psychos Double Leopards.

Listed: TV on the Radio + Double Leopards

TV on the Radio

TV on the Radio's debut EP, Young Liars is perhaps the most surprising thing released on the Touch and Go imprint in a decade. Driven by the thick, soulful vocals of Tunde Adebimpe and the heavily layered keyboards and tones of David Andrew Sitek, the four songs found on Young Liars heavily recall, of all things, Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, but with a heavy dose of Codeine and booze. Young Liars' "hidden" fifth track, a spooky a capella version of The Pixies' "Mr. Grieves" rounds it out beautifully, adding a touch confusion to the existing chaos. TV on the Radio will spend the entire month of November touring the U.S., and are now finishing up their new full-length debut, described by the band as being "their Thriller." Adebimpe recently shared with us a few of his favorite things...

We have been recording and playing somthing fierce all month. August is beating us up, but if it's not too late here's our top 10, in no particular order:

1. Kyp Malone's - His Hair – It's just inspiring. There's so much of it that you get the feeling there's enough for everyone. Test this theory at your own peril.

2. David Heatley - Deadpan Comic – Beautiful full color gouache renderings of Mr. Heatley's dreams. Unsettling in the best possible way. As far as I know, he's only got one out, but he does have a website (www.davidheatley.com) and lots of other stuff you need.

3. Captain BeefheartDoc at the Radar Station (Virgin) – Get this album and love it, because it's great. Then think about the fact that it came out in the 1980s, and then get real confused. Look at you, all in love and confused.

4. Our parents generation… – Without them completely screwing up our finances, dropping the ball on all things environmental, and destroying all ties with our global village.. we wouldn’t have the inspiration/desperation to believe in ourselves enough to change anything.

5. The Shure SM57 microphone – Give us something useful we can't break. How hot is that? Very.

6. Digital cameras – Single handedly subtracted the fear of getting free "judgment" with your processing.

7. Liars– Zero allegiance to style…bloodlust…attitude…courage…moustaches. Yikes!

8. Beyonce & JAY-ZCrazy In Love music video – So many moves, so many outfits… and a car on fire… yeah, what can YOU do?

9. Roland Kirk – Can play in the 20 other ways you haven’t learned to hear yet… and therefore wins.

10. Charles BukowskiBetting on the Muse – It’s the most beautiful worst day you’ve ever had over and over and over again.

Double Leopards

Double Leopards are a Brooklyn-based quartet with roots stretching as far south as Philadelphia. Their's is a brand of drone-based improvised music that calls to mind groups like the Taj Mahal Travelers and Current 93 while remaining its own slippery entity entirely. The current line-up of the band has been in effect for over a year now, with a few CD-Rs and a trail of live shows to show for it. Their most recent release (and third full-length), the epic double long-player Halve Maen, is out now courtesy of Eclipse records and marks the first officially pressed dispatch from the latest incarnation of the Leopards.

Double Leopards is usually four people in an apartment in Brooklyn. We're usually playing and recording music, but we also spend lots of time eating Southeast Asian food. We record every time we play, and thats usually where our records come from. Here is a list of about 20 names that came up during a late night session. These are all things that have meant a lot to us as a band, as individuals, and as a collective of earthbound celestial spirits.

Royal Trux
Twin Infinitives – Drug damaged…tom lax forced me to buy Twin Infinitives telling me I would like it…lyrics are fucking insane…collaging…important that they called themselves electronic music. Empty casio drum machine beats…four long sides …

Samara Lubelski
Samara¹s presence in this chaotic world is superlative. She was our spiritual advisor on tour and during the recording of Halve Maen, our new LP. Her ability to understand so many different places people come from…she's the Prince of the lower east side…Hall of Fame (Samara, Theo, Dan) albums are some of our favorites. We miss seeing Dan on the LES with coffee and a cigarette in a polyester shirt no matter what the temperature. Their transition between improv and structured songs…mixtapes on tour both confounded and enthralled me…

Sun City Girls
Multi instrumentalists…used lots of different musical styles…voice as sounds not just words…fidelity as a tool/intention…recordings can sound like they were recorded in a tin can or in a fancy studio…costume & theater…southeast asian influences…

Improvising excellence as a group…using everyday objects to make music…persistence on growth within groups style/genre/ideology …. Cornelius Cardew scratch orchestra is…group flexibility …. rigorous dedication to improvisation…use of silence is incredible and extreme …

Aphex Twin
Our former member Jon liked him… Mike and Maya's favorite…Chris likes the cover where he's got the tits. His super psycedelic inspirational melodies have been stuck in my head for years…disinformation campaigns …. machines on acid…dark sad happiness …

Jack Rose
Glad this guy got back into the country blues because subsequently we gained a lot of jazz and noise records he was pawning off…a pretty enigmatic figure…he makes us laugh…the only good friend of mine that called me a fucking asshole before I knew him. He is totally righteous…every record he makes probes human limits and physical boundaries…he's crazy and possessed in a beautiful way…to know him is to know him…jack is the realest you could get …

Terry Riley
Master of the time-lag accumulator…darling bald head of the minimalists…all night flights are a definite inspiration… Persian Surgery Dervishes sounds like purple velvety blackspace travelnothingness…sax/collage/tapes/organs/madness! …

Throbbing Gristle
Dominant force…true propagandists…mystical magical powers used at its full force… tape onslaughts…serious dark energy …who doesn't want to have Cosey Fanni Tutti…noise as a lifestyle …

Destroy All Monsters
First heard about them through the Stooges…visuals of Cary Loren's magazines and the films and the music…Niagara is hot shit…the double date for the 70s: Niagara and Cosey… super simplistic super deep …. we sent Mike Kelley a tape and our first record telling him we were ready for him to support our west coast tour… we are still waiting to hear back from him…totally fucked sounds …

Cecil Taylor
Late-era Cecil Taylor sweatsuit style tucked into flourescent tube socks …. music goes without saying…as well as endurance thanks to the coca leaf… 88 tuned drums the dude has no limits…every record is a breakthrough …

Public Enemy
It takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back arrested my attention for at least 365 days straight…super heavy…blasted out of the crack era …very militant…coming from another direction stylistically…their songs sound like 5 songs at once…as Flava Flav says “owwwwwwwwwwww” …

Bad Brains
Best band of the 80s…served them tacos in Philly and got into the show for free…insane raw energy totally unparalleled…

Greg Ginn
Played the guitar like no one else played it before. Heavy influence for 13 year old boy…October Faction girl satisfaction…revolutionized putting out records …

Butthole Surfers
Best live band…movies, light show, flaming cymbal, fire, hitting people with guitars… Grateful Dead of punk rock…double drumming… can't beat it

No Neck Blues Band
Hochoi…one of the things I get really happy about is when a band does something special for its record cover.. It seems more personal when it’s hand made …space, out, bug, noise…Hint House has been the hub for amazing shows…we dig rap hipppy style in a major way …

Prince is about fucking emotion and dancing and looking fine and playing every instrument yourself…mainstream outsider art…deranged incest songs… heavy on the carnal knowledge …

Graham Lambkin
Best maker of red stingers…stalwart of modern songs and mountain hikes…Wax Work Echoes ruled…solo record is one of the most nonmusical recordings we've ever heard…channeling such heavy vibes between words…visuals and music…

Paul Majors / Vibes
Love to see this guy after an endless boogie show…Paul Majors has the realest vibes…record catalogue vibes us out…singing is the most guttural gravelly top dollar shit out there…endless boogie – dig em…

Son of Earth/Apostasy Crew
Met these guys through the mysterious and beautiful Pete Nolan…a great bunch of inspirational dudes. These guys are truly inexplicable and strange…playing with them has been like man, myth and magic…they set up a great show…

By Dusted Magazine

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