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Listed: The Anomoanon + The Constantines

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Dusted Features

Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Palace brethren The Anomoanon and some Canadian punks called The Constantines.

Listed: The Anomoanon + The Constantines

The Anomoanon

Led by Ned Oldham, the Anomoanon are the Wild Stallion in the Palce Music stable, honed for the rodeo instead of the fields. Oldham leads a revolving cast of musicians trained in the art of Southern Comfort - fellas can kick back with the best of 'em. Their latest album, Asleep Many Years in the Wood (Temporary Residence) is one of the year's finest so far. The group just wrapped up a short August tour, but will be back on the road in November. Ned bellied up to the bar for this week's Listed.

Confirmed Tour Dates
Nov. 8 - Wilmington, N.C.
Nov. 10 - Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge
Nov. 14 - Tallahassee, FL @ Beta Bar
Other dates TBA

Here’s 10 in rotation

  • The ShaggsPhilosophy of the World (RCA) – “Very funny”… “One of the worst records ever…” etc. Actually reminds me of Nico’s best and Spector’s girl groups. Shambling-sounding at first, but actually highly organized – try to learn a Shagg’s song, rocker. “The fat people want what the skinny people got / and the skinny people want what the fat people got.” “Why do I do the things I do?” Primal, and complicated. Fun to speculate about, with their dad and all. Recorded in one day.

  • Shirley Collins and Dolly CollinsAnthems in Eden (Harvest) – Mixture of period instrument folk and best-of-genre folk rock – two or more separate sessions, I’m sure. The best melodies (I love “The Blacksmith” in “A Song Story”). Her imperfect voice is sublime; she never over-embellishes. No bridges, no choruses, just the same melody repeated, yet never boring. Dolly’s arrangements beat all.

  • Dead Meadows/t (Tollotta) – Keep missing them live, not as crazy about their live and second albums and haven’t heard their Matador debut. I keep coming around to that first album. The writer-guitarist has really wide, long ideas. Gushy, droning guitar lines in which every note really, really counts. Imagining all the other Sabbath-influenced bands out there being bummed out to hear this and realize that not with all the humbuckers and marshalls in the world can they match this genius path of highland metal fantasy.

  • The FallSlates etc. 10” (Rough Trade) – Got this when it came out, and listened to it just the other day. Wondered if it had been another Fall record that I’d bought first if I’d feel as strongly; like, if it’s just the doorway to the Fall rather than the greatness of this particular record. But it sounds more like a band than some Fall (and I haven’t heard it all). Watched a Fall documentary in Pittsburgh the other night – next morning watched a Pavement documentary. And like our drummer said, pretty funny watching the Pavement one after the Fall one. “Leave the Capitol”, “An Older Lover etc.”, & “Slates.”

  • The Who – “A Quick One” from Rock and Roll Circus (Polydor) – Just the right length for a rock operetta, and a quartet at the top of their game. All that great harmonizing – “nang, nang, nang, nang, nang, nang, nang, nang.” Everybody singing. The right mixture of melody and metal. Live, so good.

  • Lou Reed “Live: Take No Prisoners” (Arista) – Blazing band and fast-thinking Reed. Great “Coney Island Baby”, “Street Hassle”, and “Sweet Jane”. Honoring a rock and roll stage-show aesthetic from before the day when some clever fuckers, uh, “tore rock and roll apart and put it back together.” Admittedly, sounds somewhat like the late-’70’s SNL band, but with a reason – a fighting Reed.

  • Hawaii CallsFavorite Instrumentals of the Islands with Al Kealoha Perry presented by Webley Edwards (Capitol) – No one who obtains this record will be able to resist. The best of lap or pedal or slack key or whatever sort of bent steel electric guitar carries all the melodies, with tasteful light orchestration and a cool upright bass combo at the core. Listening to it, you are in a bath, and can eat slowly.

  • Music for Mandolin and Guitar EnsembleWorks by Galilei, Molinaro, Caroso, Gianoncelli, and Besard; The Vienna Mandolin and Guitar Ensemble, Vinzenz Hladky, conductor – Left to us by the people from whom we bought our house. Never heard of these late 16th and early 17th century composers before this record. Sounds like a dozen each guitars and mandolins. Lively, and, to agree with liner-notist Egon F. Kenton, “very pleasing and effective.”

  • Mellow CandleSwaddling Songs (See for Miles) – It’s not fair not to include this just because Malkmus reportedly tried to perform one of the songs with his Jicks last year. Two Irish lasses singing, great band, and great production. Piano driven rock, towering, glistening.

  • Peter GreenEnd of the Game (Reprise) – Sounds like Grateful Dead’s Dark Star from the fiery Live Dead. Psychedelic jam builit of blues instrumentation.

    Also – On your knees before Jimmy Page, songwriter, guitarist, producer.

    The Constantines

    Bryan Webb, Steve Lambke, Dallas Wehrle, Will Kidman and Doug MacGregor founded the Constantines in Guelph, Ontario in 1999, when their self-titled debut was nominated for a Juno Award. The group now lives in Toronto and have a new record out on Sub Pop called Shine A Light.

    Tour Dates
    2003-08-30 Maberly Meltdown Maberly ONT
    2003-09-02 Foggy Notions Sault Ste Marie ONT
    2003-09-03 Lakehead University Thunder Bay ONT
    2003-09-04 West End Cultural Centre Winnipeg, MB Canada
    2003-09-05 Amigos Saskatoon SK
    2003-09-06 The Exchange Regina SK
    2003-09-07 Seedys Edmonton ONT
    2003-09-08 Liberty Lounge Calgary ALB
    2003-09-10 Brickyard Vancouver BC
    2003-09-11 Logans Victoria BC
    2003-09-12 Graceland Seattle WA
    2003-09-13 Nocturnal Portland OR
    2003-09-13 Easy Street Seattle WA Queen Anne store - 1 pm
    2003-09-15 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco CA
    2003-09-16 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco CA
    2003-09-17 Chain Reaction Anaheim CA
    2003-09-18 Troubadour Hollywood CA
    2003-09-19 Canes Bar and Grill San Diego CA
    2003-09-20 Skrappys Tucson AZ
    2003-09-22 Emos Austin TX
    2003-09-23 Mary Janes Houston TX
    2003-09-24 Gypsy Tea Room Dallas TX
    2003-09-25 Green Door Oklahoma City OK
    2003-09-26 Creepy Crawl St. Louis MO
    2003-09-27 The Bottom Lounge Chicago IL
    2003-09-28 The Bottom Lounge Chicago IL
    2003-09-30 Mad Planet Milwaukee WI

    1. The Deadly SnakesOde to Joy (In the Red) – The best record to be listening to in Toronto this summer: "High park at night with the queens and the rest rooms and the rats in the moonlight."

    1. Colossal squids – Best of all that is fearful and unknown and beautiful and alive – dinner plate eyes…parrot beaks…tiger claws – fighting with whales, in deep frozen waters.

    1. CBC – Public broadcasting coast to coast.

    1. Friends getting married, and having babies. – Cuba; Chicago; Virginia.

    1. Dreaming everyday of Whitehorse, Yukon.

    1. Tomatoes growing on the front step – Those suckers are getting ripe, if the damn squirrels don't get 'em. A close second – basil growing on the front step. Honorable mention – my neighbour has got nine-foot tall sunflowers growing on top of his house.

    1. Campfires – May you always have strong fires with dry wood and no smoke. May it always boil your water, cook your eggs, and roast your ke-bobs.

    1. Neil Young songs, Townes van Zandt songs, Playing slide guitar.

    1. Raccoons – raccoons.

    1. Oneida – Declaring, "We're not going to grow old and sad. We're going to grow old and fuckin' joyful and difficult." Amen.

    By Dusted Magazine

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