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Listed: Jon Poneman + Client/Server

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Sub Pop owner Jon Poneman and avant-soundshapers Client/Server.

Listed: Jon Poneman + Client/Server

Jon Poneman

As one of the founding gentlemen of Sub Pop, Jon Poneman has secured a spot in history as one of the more influential figures in independent rock. Everyone knows the Soundgarden/Nirvana story, but that was a long time and three rock revivals ago. Lately, Poneman’s label has rebounded from a mid-90’s swoon and released a number of brilliant records, including The Shins’ Oh, Inverted World!, Radio Birdman’s Essential compilation, and Red House Painters' Old Ramone. Poneman was kind enough to compose a random list of records, people and political movements he digs.

1. Representative Dennis Kucinich (D) from Cleveland, Ohio

2. David Cross' politics as represented on his forthcoming Sub Pop CD, Shut Up You Fucking Baby.

3. Michael Yonkers - Microminiature Love LP (Destijl)

4. Opposition to the global privatization of water

5. "Jesus The Mexican Boy" by Iron & Wine

6. His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

7. Colin Blunstone's rendition of "The Past and Pending" by The Shins

8. "Motherfucker From Hell" by The Datsuns

9. Hot Hot Heat's rendition of "Amateur Hour" by Beachwood Sparks

10. Grape Juice demo

Tom the Fish of Client/Server

Thomas Guttadauro is one half of Client/Server, a sublime duo that transfixes audiences with panoramas of analog synths and digital mayhem. End of Client/Server, released earlier this year on the band’s own label Three Lonely Kaiju is one of the finest recordings of 2002. Tom also spends time as Tom the Fish over at Brainwashed, making people angry.

Summer Listening in no order:

  • Yuki Kajiura - Noir Original Soundtrack II - Got this in the mail by accident with four other CD's I didn't order. The company ignored my e-mails so I opened it and enjoyed it. Still haven't seen the series but it looks terrific.

  • Ida - I Know About You (Simple Machines) - I've been using “Tellings” as an audio track in playing around with Adobe Premiere and I was reminded how this is one of the greatest records ever recorded.

  • The SwansChildren of God (Caroline) - See Ida. I want to be M. Gira and just look at art.

  • Sharron Kraus – Beautiful Twisted (Camera Obscura) - Man, can she sing. She's touring the US with mighty Iditarod right now. She's on Camera Obscura records, so if Tony Dale likes her, you KNOW she's good. http://www.sharronkraus.com

  • The Iditarod - The Ghost, The Elf, The Cat and the Angel (Blue Sanct) - The best folk album of the last 15 years. Being the nicest people on Earth doesn't hurt either. http://theiditarod.org/

  • The entire collection of Joy Division - 24 Hour Party People was a god-awful movie, but it reminded me that Joy Division was the best band to come out of 70's England.

  • Múm - Finally We Are No One (FatCat) - I always enjoyed their music, but always assumed it was some people on laptops until I saw them live. Wow, was I wrong.

  • Run On - Start Packing/No Way (Matador)- Yeah, Alan Licht's pop days. Sue Gardner and Rick Brown are genius.

  • Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts - Cowboy Bebop CD-BOX - I already had quite a bit of the songs elsewhere, but the live tracks and the box design are worth the outrageous import price. One of the best series ever made, as well.

  • Tarentel - From Bone to Sattelite (Temporary Residence) - Ripping off a Bedhead riff and turning it into a twenty-minute song is good enough, but the ability of the musicians of Tarentel astounds me.

  • The Major Stars - Distant Effects (Squealer) - They played these songs at our wedding almost 2 years ago, and they just get around to releasing them... They're "Our Songs."

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