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All Tomorrow's Parties - Liarbird

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All Tomorrow's Parties - Liarbird

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Sam Frank: Liarbird was the only band none of us had heard of coming in to ATP, and they were a nice surprise starting off our Sunday: comfortable Olympia country music, good full-band feel, a lead singer Ben Tausig described as “Cat Power without the baggage”—which of course is misleading and nasty in its various implications, but also not incorrect. We talked to them briefly, got the tale of the tape: self-released; distro with Kill Rock Stars, K, Chainsaw, et al.; letter-pressed packaging from a community plant; tours with Mirah and, maybe soon, their roommate Tara Jane O’Neil. An assistant producer on the Simpsons brought them to Groening’s attention, and that’s how good little things like their appearance happen.

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