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Dusted Features

Dusted brings you profiles of 10 bands to watch in the year 2004. Check out the entire series here.

Dusted's Destined

To begin our wrap-up of the year 2003, Dusted Magazine is pleased to bring you Dusted's Destined: A look at ten artists to watch during 2004 and the coming years. We will run a profile of one of these artists each weekday for the next two weeks. This is not an attempt to predict popularity, or to build buzz, but rather to make the Dusted readership aware of a few acts we've been enjoying, but that may have slipped below the radar...

Dusted's Destined
DMBQ (Monday, December 1)
The Last Town Chorus (Tuesday, December 2)
Stafr├Žnn Hakon (Wednesday, December 3)
Burning Star Core (Thursday, December 4)
Friends Forever (Friday, December 5)
Parts & Labor (Monday, December 8)
Japanther (Tuesday, December 9)
Will Guthrie (Wednesday, December 10)
Growing (Thursday, December 11)
Luciano (Friday, December 12)

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