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Listed: Califone + The Black Keys

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Dusted Features

Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Folk psychsters Califone and blues rockers The Black Keys.

Listed: Califone + The Black Keys


Following the conclusion of his off-kilter rock band, Red Red Meat, members Tim Rutili and Ben Massarela trickled into Califone, who pushed alt-folk to its outer limits, simultaneously and equally touching on the fringes of psychedelic and pop music. In between "proper" records, Califone have recorded a series of ambiently sparse releases called Deceleration, which found the band taking dramatic steps away from the more pop/friendly sounds of their Perishable/Thrill Jockey releases, 2001's Roomsound and 2003's Quicksand/Cradlesnakes. Their latest record, Heron King Blues, finds the band conjoining the two seemingly polar aspects of their previous records - exploring tonal, airy textures without neglecting the beauty of Tim Rutili's raspily powerful voice and guitar lines and Ben Massarela's creatively original percussion. Heron King Blues is now available on Thrill Jockey Records. Tim Rutili provided this week's list.

1. After Life - A film by Hirokaza Kore-Eda. When you die you go to a place. It looks like an old used up school building. There is a staff of people who work there. They tell you to choose one memory from your entire lifetime. One memory that you would like to save for all eternity. The staff then makes a film recreating that memory and you move along forgetting everything else. You spend eternity within the film of that memory. Great movie.

2. Scott Tuma - The River (Truckstop)- Beautiful patient drones with pump organ, banjo, harmonica and plenty of space. Scott's guitar sound is always perfect. Sounds like a great sad cowboy movie and the buddha under the tree.

3. Frank Sinatra - Nice and easy - The warm drunk of new love. Frank is the best singer ever. Ever. the songs are immaculate. It'll be a sad day when this record doesn't melt me.

4. Faces - Oohlala - Beautiful sloppy rock and roll. I think that's Ron Wood singing on the title track. he's almost as good as frank.

5. Neil Young - Rust Never Sleeps (dvd) - More beautiful, sloppy rock.

6. Ethiopiques - Ethiopian funk and jazz from the 60s and 70s. Matt Fields got me hooked on this stuff. Thanks, Matt.

7. Miles Davis - The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions - Words fail...

8. The Twelve Caesars - Suetonius - Covers the roman rulers from Julius Caesar to domitian. I can see the chapter on caligula as an amazing South Park episode.

9. Ali Farka Toure - Music From Mali - My favorite guitar player right now.

10. Can - Future Days - Just found this one again. Just like Miles, words fail...

The Black Keys

As legend has it, The Black Keys took Akron, Ohio by storm when they did their first gig in the secret room of Firestone High School known as janitor's junction. Taking advantage of hundred-foot high ceilings and sweet acoustics augmented by subtropical orchids in the central pond, The Black Keys launched a trademark blues-rock sound that would land them a deal with Fat Possum Records, as well as a recent guest spot on Conan O'Brian. Their second and latest album is thickfreakness; another one is now is in the works.

Patrick Carney, the group's drummer, is basically a chilled-out entertainer. When asked to do the list, Patrick mused, "We're not touring right now, so I'm grilling hamburgers probably six, eight hours a day. I put mustard sauce on the bun as a source of flavor."

Top ten vacation spots in Summit County, Ohio:
10. The giant tower - This building is located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and measures aprox. 250 ft. It is a concrete tower constructed in the late 20th century by tv evangelist Rex Hubbard. His original intention was to place a revolving Jesus themed restaurant on top so diners could eat and have a clear veiw of all the surrounding strip malls. Cool to look at, dude.

9. The UFO Hanger - This building is located in Akron, Ohio and was originally constructed to house ufos. Up until the 1990's this was the largest free standing enclosed building ever built. this building is now used as storage for an ice cream truck company. Weird looking, dude.

8. The Dead Sea - This "lake" is located in Barberton, Ohio and is owned by Dow Chemical (not positive). When veiwing infrared photographs of the United States this is the only area that is white - meaning that there is absolutlely no life at all in or around the lake - pretty sweet.

7. The Pit - This peaceful wooded area is located "behind the tracks in that cemetary" in Akron. Great spot although commonly used by skinheads and boyscouts for breaking shit. Classic.

6. The Invention Hall Of Fame - Ever wonder who invented the laser that blew up the moon? find out who it was here. (answer: cobra commander)

5. Demeche's Bros - Demeche Bros. hamburgers in canton is world famous. After all they claim they invented the hamburger and ice-cream. (the burgers have the flavor of old world)

4. Dr. Bob - About 12 steps from my front door is the house where AA began. First weekend in june the town fills up with members (pretty haggard crew).

3. The Flea Market - This is not a flea market it is really just a store in Barberton called the Flea Market. The name fits though cuz' it smells like cat piss and is basically broke junk found by the lunatic who lives in a car. (broken Atari 2600 - $25.00)

2. Royalty Records - This record shop is fucking awesome. seriously they have an amazing selection of vinyl, but the records are priced ten times higher than nyc prices. example: Rick Wakeman records run close to $30.00, Loverboy is up around $25.00, you won't get lucky here.

1. Fantasies - Local pornoshop run by a young women and her parents. What a bunch of dildos.

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