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Listed: Mac McCaughan + Chris Jeely

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Indie-rock icon Mac McCaughan and acousto-electric artist Chris Jeely of Your Favorite Horse.

Listed: Mac McCaughan + Chris Jeely

In the late 1980s, Mac McCaughan and his bandmate in Superchunk, Laura Ballance, started Merge Records in order to release music by themselves and a few local bands in Chapel Hill, NC. More than ten years later, Merge Records has released countless classic albums, from Superchunk, Magnetic Fields, Neutral Milk Hotel, and Versus, just to name a few. In that time, Superchunk has become one of the most beloved and consistent bands playing today, and Mac has begun to focus on a wide array of solo projects and collaborations. This is done primarily through his continually shifting band Portastatic, through which he recently released a film soundtrack, Looking for Leonard, and a collaboration with Ken Vandermark and Tim Mulvenna, The Perfect Little Door. Superchunk toured this summer in support of their most recent album, Here's To Shutting Up.

1. Mr Show - 1st two seasons on DVD - HBO was stupid enough to cancel the funniest show on TV, now trying to rectify their mistake with a DVD release. vote for Sen. Tankerbell!

2. Lambchop (Merge)-video for "Is A Woman" directed/animated by Shynola

3. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - The Rising + live on tour; attendance should be required for those who think bands like the Strokes and the Hives are "great live bands".

4.Trojan Records' - Let's Do Rocksteady dbl-CD compilation

5. Sleater Kinney - One Beat (Kill Rock Stars)

6. The polygraph guy on television's Meet My Folks

7. The Ghost of Rock 4-song 7"

8. I'm Alan Partridge DVD -- oh my god this is funny.

9. Orchestra Baobab - Pirate's Choice (Nonesuch) -- Call me a pirate then, arrrgh! This is killer. i'm sailing to Senegal.

10. M. Ward - Live Music and the Voice of Strangers

Chris Jeely or Your Favorite Horse or Accelera Deck or Hanoi Shirts

Jeely first started fucking with sound in 1997 as Accelera Deck, quickly becoming one of the most prolific figures in underground electronics. Accelera Deck recorded for the esteemed CD-R label Toast & Jam and his own homemade label Pitchcadet, while also spending time on Morr Music, Blackbean & Placenta Tape Club and Neo Ouija. In 2001, Jeely decided to put Accelera to bed and become Your Favorite Horse, which currently has records out on Enraptured 45's, Sonic Syrup Records and Piehead Records. He even sings this time around. In his spare time, Jeely also makes noise as Hanoi Shirts, who has a split CD out on the Austrian label Skylab Operations.

Recordings that currently have my attention. in no particular order

1. Tom Waits - Alice (Anti) - That voice, what else can you say?

2. Charley Patton - Pony Blues (Wolf) - The original gangster, lines like "will you slap me baby?" "yes i will, you know i'll slap ya" or "will kill you my man?" "you know i'll kill him!" makes that backpacker hip hop flavor of the month look like childs play.

3. Guided By Voices - Vampire On Titus (Scat) - Great songs, shitty production, a diamond in the rough. this album just does it for me.

4. DACM - Showroom Dummies (Mego) - Peter Rehberg adds one more to his impressive catalog.

5. Jessamine - Jessamine (Kranky) - This, along with the rest of the early kranky catalog, captures a beautiful moment in time. detached but personal.

6. Plate Six - Operation: Chair Sit (Bent Rain) - A "rock & yell" trio from my hometown (Birmingham, Alabama) smart, angular, and challenging rock.

7. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - "Blue Lotus Feet" (Domino UK) - Beautiful and stirring single, worth owning for the b-side "When Thy Love Flows Through Me".

8. Desormais - Climate Variations (INTR_VERSION) - Damaged and blissed. a great record by my friend Tony in collaboration with Mitchell Akiyma.

9. The Creation - The Singles Collection - More banging than the Who, in a perfect world the song "Making Time" would be played once a day on radio stations everywhere.

10. John Fahey - Womblife (Table of the Elements) - Aquatic and rural.

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