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A gallery of photos taken at the 2004 No Fun Fest by Dusted's Ben Tausig.

No Fun Fest Photo Gallery

Guitar Situations

Carlos Giffoni, No Fun Fest capo

Rubber-O-Cement. The squid(?) plays "bass"



Arthur Doyle

Life Partners drummer

Life Partners getting crowded

Life Partners and thong

Chris Corsano

Alan Licht covering Stooges, "1970"

Hair Police

New album out now?

John Olson, in Dead Machines

Tom Smith, To Live and Shave in L.A


Basement: Tan as Fuck, Newton, girder


Aaron Dilloway, Wolf Eyes

Twig removing glue trap from shoe

John Olson, Wolf Eyes

Max, Nautical Almanac

Nautical Almanac

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