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Listed: The Pink Mountaintops + Blood On The Wall

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Dusted Features

Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: The Pink Mountaintops and Blood On The Wall.

Listed: The Pink Mountaintops + Blood On The Wall

Pink Mountaintops

The Pink Mountaintops is Stephen McBean, formerly of Jerk With A Bomb and now also exemplar member of Black Mountain. Their debut album, The Pink Mountaintops (Jagjaguwar), is an oddly exciting blend of wild genres and influences all of which seem to rotate around a secretly simple indie rock model. A far cry from any of McBean's more straightforward meddlings in Jerk With A Bomb, The Pink Mountaintops improves ('beards up?') on formulas and ideas brought forth by everyone from Clinic to the Magnetic Fields to New York's garage revivalists, standing out as one of the stronger debut albums thus far this year.

Stephen McBean from Pink Mountaintops Top 10

1. Everyone I love and anyone who can stand next to me without being repulsed.

2. Incredible String Band - The Hangmanís Beautiful Daughter. I donít know what to say, "The Minotaurís Song" makes me laugh and cry at the same time and wish I was a British hippie in the 60ís.

3. Skateboarding - Nothing feels better than bombing a hill through high noon traffic with the sun on your back.

4. Mayo Thompson - Corkyís Debt To His Father. The vocal melody to "The Lesson" is perfect, the lyrics to "Horses" are perfect yet Iíve somehow missed the boat on the Red Krayola.

5. A.C. Newman - "Drink To Me, Babe, Then" - Iíve always been a sucker for a perfect melancholic pop song with whistling. This is one.

6. David Bowie - "In the Heat of The Morning" - Donít know what this song is from. Someone put it on the computer at work. Great organ intro -- it makes my private parts move if I listen to it twice in a row.

7. Eric B. and Rakim - Paid In Full - No explanation needed.

8. The Oath - Trans-Atlantic Thrash Terror - Almost as raw as Void and it doesnít get any better than that when you wanna kill your head.

9. Joanna Newsom - The Milk Eyed Mender - Heard this many times while sleeping in the back of the Destroyer/Frog Eyes carnival bus. Woke up and had to buy it. Fall in love with it, and ache in its beauty.

10. Not getting drunk, not getting stoned and smoking straight to hell like George Burns.

Blood On The Wall

Blood on the Wall is a brother and a sister and a brother. Courtney Shanks (bass, vocals) met Miggy Littleton (drums, vocals) on the way home from shopping for records with her girlfriends. As they got off their stop on the L-train, she noticed a man selling records on the corner. That man was Miggy. Courtney and Miggy struck up a conversation about music and soon became best friends and band mates. Meanwhile, back in Lawrence, Kansas, Brad Shanks (guitar, vocals) had just graduated from college and was in the middle of a four month long drinking binge. He couldn't find a job and all the girls in town knew his reputation (you wouldn't date him either if you knew), so he accidentally wrecked his car, got the insurance money, and within a month moved into his sisters apartment in Williamsburg, NY. Their new, self-titled, debut album was recently released on The Social Registry.

1. Meat Puppets - Up on the Sun, II, S/T - These dudes fucking rule. I can't even imagine playing guitars that good and to have both bass and guitar fit so fucked.

2. Karen Dalton - It's so hard to tell whose going to love you the best. I will never forget the 1st time i heard this. i ask'd my friend Michael (god bless him) to make me a tape of (3.) Michael Hurley's Armchair Boogie and he threw karen on the other side. blew my mind wide open. blew my heart apart. I cried - uncontrollable tears streaming down the cheeks cried the 1st 20 times I listened to it. God damn that voice and the playing. it breaks my heart. Still makes me cry...I just snuck Michael Hurley armchair boogie into the #3 slot...hope when i grow older I can rule half as much.

4.Minor Threat - Fuck off and die if you don't agree.

5. Bo Diddley - My dad had a crazy old soul record collection that he didn't keep on the shelf...got me one of those fisher price record players when I was 2 or 3 and gave me the all access pass to his shit. he owned all the Diddlley records (passed 'em down the line to me). I used to jump on my bed to bo diddley. I still still jump around bars and my house to him.

6. The Misfits - I always think I go where eagles dare, but usually I keep the hatpin out of my retina and just fall on my face. Think about it baby babe.

7. motherfucking MINUTEMEN - God damn bitches rule. I wanted something that would blow my mind. My friend, Aiken, made me buy Double Nickles On The Dime. Changed my life.

8. Bad Brains - If you don't fucking like this shit then you have no pulse. You smell your own farts. And the last date you were on consisted of talking to your hand.

9. BOTW - Word, that's right, i just named myself.

10. James MUTHAFUCKING JAMES BROWN MUTHA FUCKA'. YEAH GET THE FUCK OUT MY WAY I GOT A STAGE TO GIZ ALL OVER BECAUSE I'M SO GOD DAMN MUTHA FUCKIN SEXY THAT SILK DISENAGRATES - I don't even care that he pulled a gun on a yoga class or smokes coke. He can do what ever the fuck he wants. And if any of you fuckers disagree I will sneak into your dorm room at Columbia and steal your pants and run them up the flag pole. tee hee.

By Dusted Magazine

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