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Listed: Edith Frost + Fred Armisen

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Dusted Features

Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Heart-breaking songstress Edith Frost and comedian / film-maker Fred Armisen.

Listed: Edith Frost + Fred Armisen

Edith Frost

Edith has released three knee-buckling albums on Drag City, including last year’s masterpiece Wonder Wonder. The Texas-born songwriter lives in Chicago, where she has recorded with Steve Albini, the High Llamas and Gastr del Sol. She also keeps a killer website, www.edithfrost.com, that features a weblog, rants against spam, and a mystery song that she updates every week or so. A great place to waste time.

I keep making these crazy playlists. If you don't like this one, I could do one about singing rodents!


1) Donovan - "I Love My Shirt" - Best clothing song ever. His shirt is so com-for-ta-bly lovely!

2) Joe Bennett & The Sparkletones - "Black Slacks" - 50s rockabilly with cutesy harmonies. Black slacks... Brrrrrrr!!!!

3) The Dinning Sisters "Buttons and Bows" - She wants to move away from the boonies and go back East where her amazingly diverse wardrobe might be better appreciated.

4) Jess Conrad - "This Pullover" - A sweater fetishist speaks of perversions you'll never understand. I think Joe Meek bore some responsibility for this.

5) Billy Murray - "Sister Suzie's Sewing Shirts For Soldiers" - A tongue-twister from the nineteen-teens. It's not TOO annoying.

6) Dr. Seuss / Marvin Miller "Fox in Socks" - I collect tongue twister songs, this is the craziest one ever.

7) Patrick McNee & Honor Blackman - "Kinky Boots" - Those irresistible British, way before Austin Powers came along and spoiled the fun!

8) Legendary Stardust Cowboy - "My Underwear Froze To The Clothesline" - The poor man's Hasil Adkins.

9) Butt Trumpet - "I Left My Flannel In Seattle" - From Primitive Enema, which surely had its moments.

10) Daniel Johnston - "Worried Shoes" - Had to put at least one GOOD song in...!!

Fred Armisen

Musically, Fred Armisen is best known as the drummer for Trenchmouth (which also featured Eternals singer Damon Locks), but during the past few years Armisen has made an impresseive impression on the comedic world. His video, Fred Armisen's Guide to Music at South By Southwest hilariously sent up attendees ranging from Bob Nastanovitch to David Fricke. His new series, "Fred", can currently be seen on HBO ZONE at various times. He also appears in Sam Jones' Wilco documentary, I Am Trying To Break Your Heart. For more information on Fred Armisen, interested parties can consult his website.

Hello. I have taken my CD booklet out of my car to make this list. I spend a lot of time driving and these are the new releases I have been playing most often. For real.

1) Sleater Kinney - One Beat (Kill Rock Stars)- Everytime a new Sleater Kinney album comes out, it's all I listen to for awhile. I love them so much. I can NOT get enough of Corin's singing. I wish I was them. I still put on the previous one, All Hands on the Bad One, and if you listen to the title track, it sounds just like the B-52s without Fred Schneider. Listen to that song, do your best Fred Schneider impression out loud to it and you will have instant B-52s wherever you are.

2) Mary Timony - The Golden Dove (Matador) - I love her voice too. The instrumentation is perfect. Her drummer is great and her lyrics always make me laugh. In a good way.

3) Cornelius - Point (Matador) - I don't know how this guy recorded this. Does he have a band? Is it all him? This makes my stereo seem expensive.

4) Eminem - The Eminem Show (Interscope) - When I listen to Eminem, I realize my limitations. It's like watching the Simpsons. My brain could never come up with lyrics like his. "Without Me" sends a chill up my neck and I think that song is so punk. The drum track rocks so hard and it's so simple.

5) Paul Weller - Days of Speed (Sony) - This is a live recording from his most recent acoustic tour. I keep playing "That's Entertainment" over and over again. I wish it was a huge hit single right now. The Style Council was better then the Jam, by the way.

6) Nortec Collective - The Tijuana Sessions Vol.1 (Palm) - I am so psyched that these artists are from Mexico. Tijuana is a fucked up and scary place, so it's nice to see something this great come from there. An amazing mix of Mexican music and dance music. They use these drum fills from Mexican music that are GREAT! In their traditional use, the snare drums are tuned really high, like a timbale, and there are no drums until right after the chorus. Then it's all fills. These guys took the fills and repeated them for my convenience. Thank you. If I were still toiling away in a band, I would steal these drum fills.

7) Reindeer Section - Son of Evil Reindeer (PIAS) - My girlfriend bought this and listens to it all the time. So that means I do too and I like it a lot. I can't describe it very well right now, but the singing is nice and they use interesting samples (I think) of cymbals.

8) Jason Lowenstein - At Sixes and Sevens (Sub Pop) - He is a guy from Sebadoh and I have always thought that he is so talented. Is it his first record? Somebody tell me. Brilliant. And he plays everything. Just like Prince.

9) Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (Nonesuch) - What am I, a fucking Rolling Stone reader? I know everyone loves this, but I can't help it. "Heavy Metal Drummer" is way too catchy for me to ignore it.

10) Bjork - Vespertine (Elektra) - I know it's old already, but it's a most recent purchase. I don't know what I can do to rectify this. Go out and buy some new CD's just for this list? I'm sorry, no. I still love it.

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