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Listed: Oneida + Joseph Nothing

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists determined by our favorite artists. This week: Two-ton garage rockers Oneida and Japanese electronic artist Joseph Nothing.

Listed: Oneida + Joseph Nothing


New York's Oneida have been spinning heads and splitting ear drums since 1997, but are now only finding the recognition they deserve. More than just a garage band, Oneida interweave psych, krautrock, noise and even jazz into a devestating live show. Most importantly, they don't just ape the old sounds of the city like many of their NYC contemporaries - their sound is a distinctly original blend. Their Each One Teach One double LP was reviewed on Dusted earlier this year and is now available on CD via Jagjaguwar. Fat Bobby can take it from here:

So, here's a list of records that make me happy right about now:

1. The Wendigo - "Gimme Some Lovin' (Parts 1 & 2)" - It's an old 45, I can't find out ANYTHING about the band, but it's the greatest party-up of all time. And some of the greatest organ playing in history. Like all the records I own, I bought it at a Coney Island junk shop.

2. Betty Davis - "He Was a Big Freak" - Hey, what a surprise, another 45 I bought at a Coney Island junk shop! The heaviest, most evil S&M funk EVER (purple whips, turquoise chains, yes please), brought to you by Miles Davis' ex-wife, buddy of Jimi Hendrix and Sly, who pretty much singlehandedly demonstrates how women get guttered in intellectual and aesthetic history -- I mean, I guess you could think it was coincidence that Betty married Miles in 1968, introduced him to funk and black psychedelia, and then he created Bitches Brew, On the Corner, and all that shit out of his own self. But you'd be pretty fucking stupid. Why don't you get yourself a little Betty Davis, okay?

3. Every record by the Doug Sahm and by the Sir Douglas Quintet. - If you need Texas music explained to you, then you should work at a bank. Maybe in Hartford. Sir Doug is the greatest Texas rocker ever. I’m sorry, I dearly love Roky Erickson, Willie Nelson, ZZ Top, but there’s just no contest. Drinking, smoking, singing, and hanging out. Done. Life defined.

4. The Wu-Tang Clan - Iron Flag (Sony) - The most recent album – I drive really really really fast when I rock it in the vehicle. It’s tight, it’s hard, it’s the best Wu-Tang since 36 Chambers, or maybe since the first Bobby Digital record. NO SKITS!

5. “Bristol Stomp” by the Dovells, “Do the Froog” by Don Covay, “C’mon and Do the Swim” by Bobby Freeman. 3 great dance-craze 45s – Bobby Freeman’s the best by a little margin, but I think we all prefer actually doing the froog, now, don’t we? I mean, that’s the greatest fast&drunk dance ever invented. Although, honestly, I always thought it was spelled “frug”. I guess the semantics aren’t as important as the fact that a dance invented like 40 years ago can still be rocked at the drop of a hat, to whatever the kids are listening to. Except maybe Nickelback – that’s a stretch.

6. Early New Order 12” records, including “Temptation” (the ORGINAL version, please!), “Blue Monday”, “Confusion” (again, ORIGINAL version), “Procession” – maybe it’s my age showing, but these still sound like the best rock/dance/electronic thing ever done. I cry while I dance, I mean it, like a sad-clown-marionette thing. Although that could be the drugs. Which might also be to blame for 3 AM attempts to do the robot really really fast.

7. Martin Rev Martin Rev (Infidelity) - His first (self-titled) solo album on Infidelity Records, from 1980. Apparently, it’s just been reissued. If you buy it, you will understand how much I have stolen from Martin Rev and applied to Oneida. I mean it, this reissue probably means I’m completely busted, so I’m just admitting it all right now. This record is SO MUCH BETTER than either Suicide album. I won’t try to describe it, except to say organs, synths, drum boxes, dissonance, muttering, and melodies -- so you know what you’re getting. Because you ARE getting this record.

8. Liars - 3-song 10” EP coming out soon, don’t know what it’s called. I like their first album fine, but this kicks its ass. I got given an advance copy, and I’ll still be buying it when it hits the ground. You will do the same, probably, and it shouldn’t have anything to do with what I’m saying – it’s because you saw them live, and this record sounds like that show, with all the thumps and twitches and gurgles and upside-down oompah dance shit all making total sense, and really fucking loud, too. More, please.

9. WFMU, 91.1 FM – best FM & online radio station in the country. Studio in Jersey City, transmitter in like East Orange. Great online streaming for the lucky fuckers who can listen at work, all over the damn place. What can I say about FMU? Here in the NYC, everyone already loves and listens, so I guess I’m just professing my love.

10. EBC Radio, WTTM AM 1680 - Out of Princeton, NJ. Best AM radio that I know of, but since AM radio is the GREATEST UNEXPLOITED AURAL RESOURCE IN AMERICA, I can’t be sure. This station is Indian/South Asian – sometimes in English, sometimes in other languages that I don’t speak. There seems to be a bunch of community programming and talk, but it’s the music that blows my mind. All kinds of South Asian pop, old and recent – seems like duets are the standard format, which makes so much sense I feel like our music is idiotic. If you’re ever driving in NJ, check this station out. Plus, it looks like they’re online, but since I don’t have some sweet cushy situation where I can just rock the Indian psychedelic balladry at all hours of the workday, I don’t really know how the stream is. Why don’t you check it out, at http://www.ebcmusic.com, and email Oneida at enemyhogs@hotmail.com with a report. That would be cool. By the way, why don’t you turn on some AM radio today, find out what you’re missing. In Brooklyn right now, we’ve got classic reggae, gospel, old soul/R&B ballads – it’s like radio paradise. FUCK FM! BACK TO MONO!

Love to all,

Fat Bobby

Joseph Nothing

Electronic artist Tatsuya Yoshida, a.k.a. Joseph Nothing has released music on such prestigious electronic labels as Tigerbeat6, Planet Mu, 19T, and Suburban Trash. His newest album, Dreamland Idle Orchestra (Planet Mu) is dedicated to a now defunct theme park in Japan.

My current Top 10 is:

1. Shy Child - Please Consider our Time (Grenadine records) - Awesome emotional techno/rock band, all tracks are masterpieces.

2. Her Space Holiday - Manic Expressive (Tigerstyle) - Full of moody tracks and lovely atmosphere.Great!

3. Janne Haavisto & the Farangs (Texicalli/Warner) - Mature exotic music, I'll listen to it even in my grave.

4. Tom Waits - Alice (Anti) - Awesome drunken angel.

5. Ennio Morricone - La Paura (EMI music) - My mental father.

6. Kimmo Pohjonen Kluster (Rockadillo) - The best accordion/electronica album I've ever listened.

7. Donna Summer - To all Methods Which Calculate Power (Omeko) - The best hardcore music I've ever listened.

8. Fear Factory - Fear is the Mindkiller (RoadRunner) - The best remix album in the world.

9. Divine - Born to be Cheap (Anagram records) - The only male mother of scum R.I.P.

10. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - Music from the Penguin Cafe (EG music) - I'll play all of them at my funeral.

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