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Listed: Her Space Holiday + The Pope

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists compiled by our favorite artists. This week: Her Space Holiday and The Pope.

Listed: Her Space Holiday + The Pope

Her Space Holiday

Marc Bianchi began recording under the moniker Her Space Holiday in 1996. As seems frequently to be the case with the aptly titled 'bedroom pop' genre, his songs were never intended for release, and were just a hobby that he used while running the AudioInformationPhenomena label. Fast-forward a fwe years later Her Space Holiday has released records on labels such as Tigerstyle, Much, and V2! Recently Bianchi moved back to California from Austin, where he had resided for nearly ten years, and made his new record, The Past Presents The Future (Wichita), which is now available.

1. Candi Staton - Candi Staton (Astralwerks)
This record is actually a re-issue/collection of sorts from her earlier works. One of the most heartbreaking stack of songs ever recorded to tape. Tales of love and less. Redemption, and revenge. One listen and you will never want to break anyone's heart ever again.

2. Daniel Fantasy - self titled (self released)
This is more of a journey into the mind of a sociopath than an album. Hhere is the story behind this tape only release: apparently an a&r rep at one of the majors got this sent to him ten years ago..and it has been floating around ever since. It is an accapella demo that contains an explanation of each track before daniel goes into it. It is pure gold. From what we can gather, this man basically made these songs for a woman he was dating/pursuing. The first half of the album is all love ballads and then the songwriting quickly takes a turn into the dark side, ending with the sharp as knives track "Tongue of Poison." If you come across anybody who has this..tape it from them. You won't regret it.

3. Aphex Twin - Richard D. James (Warp)
This record is very special to me. It was the first piece of electronic music I had heard that really struck a chord with pop sensibility, while still remaining very experimental. You can still hear its influence on electronic pop music today.

4. Cornelius - Phantasma (Matador)
This record was recorded in 1996 and is a pure classic. In my opinion it has a place right on the shelves next to Pet Sounds and Sgt. Pepper's. A stunning combination of strings, electronics, organic instruments, and Japanese/English melodies.

5. The Go! Team - Thunder Lightning, Strike (Memphis Industries)
I love this record. It is a timeless dance party that never ends. A production explosion of samples and cuts that span probably of the last 20 years. Filled with cheerleader like chants, soulful singing, and just the dusty grit of all things analog. No matter how bad of day you think you are having, put this on and you will be zipping down the streets on roller skates eating cotton candy in no time.

6. Jay Z - Black Album (Rocafella)
What can you say about this album, other than there is no better way to end your career on the highest note possible. Sean Carter at his finest. All the best elements of his previous records all rolled into one monumental collection of songs. Grand opening-grand closing.

7. M.I.A. - Piracy Funds Terrorism (mix tape)
M.I.A.'s first mix tape release. To be honest I am not too clear on how this mix tape came about. How much of it was Diplo's idea, who contributed to it, etc. All I do know is that it is truly amazing. It gives you a glance into what M.I.A.'s proper full length was going to sound like. It is just an exciting piece of work. M.I.A. doing her thing over "Push It"...what more could you ask for?

8. Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein (Def Jux)
Post apocalyptic hip hop for the socially conscious. Whirling electronics, distorted beats, while somehow maintaining a sense of melody like no other. It makes the future seem all once terrifying and exciting..and then you realize....wait...this is a commentary on the US in the present day. Brilliant.

9. King Geedorah - Take Me To Your Leader (Big Dada)
This record is like an audio sci fi movie. All in the same tone futuristic and classic. Lo fi and sonically brilliant. If you don't have time to read a book with your busy schedule, throw this on your car stereo on the way to work, and prepare to be satisfied. Anybody who is a fan of MF Doom'ss work should definitely check this out.

10. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - self titled (self released)
I know that there is a ton of talk about this band. So much so..that people might be a little weary of giving the album the unbiased set of ears it deserves. This is one of the most exciting records I have heard in a long time. There are so many influences strewn about through this record that it is hard to pinpoint. At times it's a bit folky, and other times it seems a little bit more straight forward rock. But however you hear it..there are just amazing things going on with these boys. A raw and interesting slice of pop culture.

The Pope

Continuing in what seems to be a trend among Dusted Listed list-makers, Southern California outer-reaching punks The Pope are nearly un-Googleable. Luckily for the saavier among us (of which I include myself), their Myspace page (http://myspace.com/thepope) http://myspace.com/thepope contains a host of useful information about the band, including a list of comments from radio stations who passed on their record. Unfortunately, as I discovered, it also includes this very list, word for word. Luckily (for whom, I'm not sure), the self-effacing spirit of this ensemble does not bring the band down too far, as their music is a spirited grind of Coachwhips-esque squacks and 5RC thrash. Nor have any of these things prevented The Pope from submitting an entertaining and thoughtful list. Check it out here...or catch it next time on Myspace.

These are Paul Pope's favorite 7"s
1. The Whip - s/t 7" (Wantage USA)
The Whip was a band that featured two of the best vocalists around Jared Warren and Joe Preston. These two guys also happen to play pretty damn well too. The Whip sounds TOUGH. The vocals made me wanna try to join the Raiders and sack dudes. The really pity about this band is that this is their only release. They did a small tour and that was the end of it due to their drummer passing away. Everyone should get this 7" so they can think they are tough.

2. Six Finger Satellite - Massive Cocaine Seizure 7" (Sub Pop)
6FS was the BEST Sub Pop band ever. I was just a young lad when I first heard this and it made me wanna go out and do bad things to everyone I saw. These guys are sooo raw it's wonderful. I feel that more people should give them credit these days. There are countless bands now that seem to be influenced by 6FS. You can hear their guitar work everywhere. Yet no band is as good. Recently Sub Pop signed A-Frames who are not on my list but should be.

3. Thrones - Crushing Stars 7" (Kill Rock Stars)
Joe was listed earlier as a member of The Whip. The Thrones do not sound like the Whip at all. Thrones were one of the most interesting bands I ever saw... besides Men's Recovery Project. The band consists of Joe, bass, and drum machine. This is way before there were a million one-man bands and Joe is by far the greatest of them all. The Thrones recordings are pure, heavy, and evil. They feature wolves howling, bullets shooting and church bells. Most importantly Joe used to sell beards on a stick. That makes him the best.

4. The Catholic Church - s/t 7" (Capillary)
Fast Forward side project with special guests Chris Thomson (Monorchid, Skull Kontrol) on vocals. It is only one song but it is amazing. Catholic Church also had a song on a vermiform comp but I don't know of anything else. This 7" was released on Capillary that no longer exists. Catholic Church also no longer exists. Yet Fast Forward remains. The reason I liked Catholic Church so much is that they basically reminded me of Six Finger Satellite (see # 2).

5. Young Ginns - s/t 7" (Gravity)
This band was a combo of Unwound and Nation of Ulysses with a singer who seemed to be doing karaoke over the whole thing... but in a good way. Anyone that hears this will understand why this band was so important. The music was raw and intense. They seemed to care allot less then either Unwound or Nation of Ulysses and that is probably why Young Ginns no longer exist and have only two 7"s. A label called Honey Bear released both 7"s on cd so if you don't like records you can buy that.

6. 6. The Yah Mos - "Off Your Parents" 7" (Recess)
So punk... at least in my opinion. This band went on to do Chik Chik Chik. Weird. Anyhuuu, Young Ginns were another amazing 90's band with two 7"s on Recess Records. Their songs were angry and they music was sloppy but in the best way possible. I tried to start bands that sounded like this and never succeeded. If you like Chik Chik Chik you will not like this band and that is a good thing.

7. Impetus Inter - s/t 7" (Cerebellum)
A friend told me that this band sounded like Born Against. He was right. Impetus Inter was a band that every fan of Born Against or Hail Mary should listen too. Unfortunately like many other bands on this list they are no longer around and are kind of forgotten. This music is for every angry teen alive. The closest thing I can compare it to besides BA or HM is Honeywell who should have been on this list too. I never got to see Impetus Enter, which also sucks.

8. Men's Recovery Project - Botanica Mystery (Kill Rock Stars)
It is hard to pick just one Men's Recovery Project 7" for this list. There are too many to choose from. I tried to own them all and once I succeeded they went ahead and released all their material on cd. Yup after spending all my hard earned money on their 7"s they put out a cd of everything. I never tried to understand MRP I just enjoyed them. They made me happy because they did everything I wanted to do at the time. That is why they probably went broke and ended. That is awesome.

9. Curse Of The Birthmark - s/t 7" (333)
Curse of the Birthmark are a band from SF that some people says sounds like Arab On Radar. I personally think that is just fine. They are still around but they don't play enough! Weasel Walter plays keyboard in this band and they two other members are in a great band called Fuckwolf. If you get the chance go to San Francisco and see them. The label 333 is a 7" label based in SF that releases many other wonderful bands besides COTB my other favorite would be Drop The Lime.

10. The Great Unraveling - "Angel Rang Virtue" 7" (Vermin Scum)
Tonie Joy was my favorite guitarist for a long time. He ran a little label called Vermin Scum that I think no longer exists. Tonie also played in Born Against, Convocation Of..., Universal Order of Armageddon. The Great Unraveling was my favorite of Tonie Joy bands. This is because I happen to like repetition. They did it best. This band would pick one wonderful part and play it over and over and over. It made the best driving music ever.

By Dusted Magazine

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