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Listed: Paik + TODD

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists compiled by our favorite artists. This week: Paik and TODD.

Listed: Paik + TODD


Paik formed in 1996 when guitarist Rob Smith, bassist Ali Clegg. and drummer Ryan Pritts began to collaborate in Michigan's once burgeoning space rock music scene. Their live shows are nearly legendary, including smoke, mirrors, light shows, and films to add to the music's complex and surreal qualities. By 2002, the band had received critical acclaim worldwide for their spaced-out brand of instrumental rock. 2002 saw the release of The Orson Fader on Clairecords, and 2006 will see the release of their latest behemoth, Monster of the Absolute on the always reliable Strange Attractors label.

10 things we're listening to - in no particular order.

Rob's 5:

1. Cherry Wine - Bright Black
I have always liked Digable Planets & Butterfly's solo venture has taken that vision to the next level. The beats and production are super tight & psychedelic - that's what I'm talking about.

2. Ultramagnetic MC's - Critical Beatdown
You can never go wrong with Kool Keith. When this record dropped, it set a new standard for beat and flow and has continued to blow my mind ever since. Rhyme missles cold blowinā yo ass up.

3. Animal Collective - Feels
Avey & Panda Bear, is it? Fucking amazing! Reminds me of early Mercury Rev (Yerself Is Steam) but evolved into a very beautiful chaos. Sung Tongs is really cool, too. Out of all the newer music out lately, this is some of the most refreshing.

4. The French Kicks - Trial of the Century
I have always been a fan, but on this record they really came into their own. It has gems of pop catchiness that I really dig. Great work from Nick and the boys.

5. My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
There's nothing I really need to say, is there? Maybe "lifechanging" but anybody who knows anything knows that.

Ryan's 5

1. Bark Psychosis - Codename:Dustsucker
Have always liked BP,from back in the Caroline days. Grahm Sutton returns with yet another gem of soothing psychedelia layered top to bottom with with interesting sounds blended into well crafted songs. Check out "Miss Abuse" - Yeah.

2. Just Ice - Kool and Deadly
The BDP crew get nice on this early fresh records gem. The cut "Lyric Licking" in particular kicks my ass every time. Timeless Grooves.

3 N. Lannon - Chemical Friends
Really well written songs performed and recorded mainly by Nyles himself. Breathy vocals, and a kind of warm acoustic sound that just straight chills you out nice. Thanks.

4. Butthole Surfers - any LP, single,cd, etc fromBrown Reason to Live PCPPEP
These all have a spot real near the turntable as I started seeing them live back in the mid 80's. Thereās always one thing that will warp you for eternity, and they were it. Enough said.

5. E-Zee Tiger - E-Zee Tiger
This one man band from SF first caught my attention when he opened for us 3 years ago.Now with a studio release, and a new one coming soon, you can have this lilā guy right in your very own living room. Really imaginative songs that sound like nothing else. An original.


Perhaps is should come as no surprise that TODD were able to compose this list in near record time. These London chaos-rockers are everwhere at once on their new record, Comes to Your House, recently released by Southern Records. If you're one of Dusted's beloved European readers, perhaps you can catch them in a town near you sometime soon!

26 Apr - Zoro - Leipzig, Germany - w/ Enablers
27 Apr - Chelsea - Vienna, Austria - w/ Enablers
28 Apr - East Club - Bischofswerda, Germany - w/ Enablers
29 Apr - Gebaeude 9 - Cologne, Germany - w/ Enablers
30 Apr - Bastard Club - Berlin, Germany - w/ Enablers
01 May - Archiv - Potsdam, Germany - w/ TwoLaneBlacktop
03 May - Susumi upstairs - Derby UK - w/ Lords

1. Big Business - Head For The Shallow (Hydra Head)
I donít usually have a favorite band but this CD is totally mind meltingly brilliant. Big Business is my favorite band! GodDAMN how does he get such perfect thick rich tuneful distortion?? HOW?? I MUST find that sound. Everything about this CD just totally rules. This is such a pure rock thing. They manage to make it sound so easy but the attention is in the little details and Big Business understands how important the details are. The drumming constantly pushing the riffs to their fullest potential. That good olí' carp sense of humor and riff mastery is still there but big business have taken things a little bit further and created a true masterpiece.

2. Country Teasers - Satan Is Real Again (Crypt)
Ahhhh the country teasers. What can one say?! In England they're pretty much ignored but I donít think they mind. They do better in the states. They seem to tour there a lot. They donít bother touring in England! Haaaa! I donít blame them. This record is funny and beautiful. I love the way the guitars play off each other and have that great slightly out of tune twang. Ben Waller the songwriter/singer in the teasers is the real deal. Kind of reminds me of Billy Childish and mark e smith but he's entirely his own man! His other band called 'the rebel' played a show with TODD the other night. There was a weird vibe in the room but when Ben got onstage his presence and humor lit up the whole room and created a perfect chaotic drunk atmosphere for the TODD circus! What a guy. Anyway this is fine, fine record indeed.

3. Oxbow - Let Me Be A Woman (Ruminance)
Oh god. Where do I start with fucking OXBOW?! I could have picked any of their CDs. they're all amazing. This one was on top of the pile. First time I saw oxbow live I was with this dude who didnít like them at all. He couldnít deal with Eugeneís whole cock and violence thing! Haa!! I was a little confused myself but I thought about it a lot. Next time I saw them Eugene is doing the cock thing, prowling the stage like some kind of kill bent zombie. The whole thing really struck me. He didnít give a FUCK. I donít know if Eugene would consider what he does onstage as performance art, but I kind of saw it like that. Him with his bizarre ritual and incredible vocal ability just totally commanding the room. The rest of the band, complete virtuosos. Chugging along and bombing out the most badass soulful complex evil rock music! Oxbow shows are a work of art.

4. Krzysztofa Komeda - The Fearless Vampire Killers (Original Soundtrack)
Aaaaaah I donít know. This is my favorite movie. I like the soundtrack.

5. Ex Models - Zoo Psychology (French Kiss)
I went to see Boltthrower the other night but it was sold out so I went to a fucking huge corporate record store and bought this instead. This is a great CD. So well recorded. Everything is really bright and punchy and the little noise jabs on bass and guitar are perfectly placed. Some of it reminds me of Devo but darker and more noisy. TODD played with them in Brussels once. I didnít go watch them play because I decided to go back to the hotel and watch the Buffy the Vampire made for TV movie instead. I donít have a lot of regrets but thatís a mistake I regret to this day.

6. Anal Cunt - Everyone Should Be Killed (Earache)
Seth Putnam. THE fucking voice of metal period. This record just sooooo totally fucking RULES.
Anal Cunt
Pure hate grind with the dumbest song titles ever.
Chiffon and chips, chapel of gristle, brutally morbid axe of satanic wicked underground. The cover just a close up of a bloody fist. Haaaa haaaaa!! So retarded so brilliant. The back cover a guy punching another guy in the face. The guy getting punched is crying.

7. Sunn0))) - Black One (Southern Lord)
More rock. I like rock and this fucking rocks.
God it just makes so much sense. Get to the core. Find the ultimate sonic sub territory where you can still hear the riffs and just keep going. Fucking genius.
I got to watch sunno))) sound check recently when my other band shit and shine played with them in Berlin. It was a huge seated theaterís had just smoked some weed. Me and a friend sitting middle front row with our feet on the stage. Just us, sunno))) and the sound guy. They switched on their MASSIVE wall of amps and the huge p.a. speakers kicked in right and left. The sound just completely engulfed and ravaged the room!! I was worried that the whole place would crumble around me! It was so powerful. I was genuinely stunned. Later when they had the full sunno))) machine with the robes and the smoke and grim lighting effects, it was pretty overwhelming. With the xasthur dude on vocals up front, there was a genuine evil vibe. It really made sense. Felt very drawn in. BEAUTIFUL!

8. Public Image Ltd - Second Edition (Virgin)
Iím not going to pretend to know about the historic significance of this record. I just love it. Given to me for a birthday present. Itís the gift that just keeps on giving! So simple and effective. I love the repetition. Of course the vocals are totally amazing and inspirational and many have tried but there has never been another singer quite like John Lydon. This is when he was at his best. DUH!!

Rapeman - Two Nuns And A Pack Mule (Touch & Go)
What a fucking great cover eh? One of the best album covers of all time.
Shit yes this record is crushingly blatantly bad ASS!
Hated chinee.
Fucking ridiculous.
They laughed at us all and said "you cant fucking TOUCH this perfection you LOSERS. You are nothing. We are everything you will NEVER BE!!"
Goddamn them forever.

10. Enablers - Output Negative Space (Neurot)
First time I heard this I was thinking "whoa, back the fuck up jack Kerouac!" I wasnít getting into the spoken word thing over the music. But then I kept listening to it and when I saw them play live it was just so amazing. It worked perfectly.2 guitars with the most studied crafted tone, weaving around solid but kind of jazzy drumming. The stories that unfold over the top of the music are brilliantly poetic and full of dark humor. The guys in enablers are such totally nice genuine and intense people. The music they make together is obviously the product of a pretty special group of artists.
Iíd eat a hundred giant eels cooked in pig shit to play guitar as good as that.


By Dusted Magazine

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