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Listed: Cloudland Canyon + Metallic Falcons

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Dusted Features

Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists compiled by our favorite artists. This week: Cloudland Canyon and Metallic Falcons.

Listed: Cloudland Canyon + Metallic Falcons

Cloudland Canyon

As the Beaches and Canyons school of music assembly gradually blossoms into an outright genre, enough imitators have made themselves known that the cream has begun to rise to the top. Known entities like Gang Gang Dance and Exceptor have inked their marks, but it's only just now that acts like Growing and Cloudland Canyon are really making an impact. Cloudland Canyon's synthy drones are smooth and driving, but never directionless. Their new album, Requiems Der Natur 2002 - 2004, came out last week on Tee Pee Records.

1. Reinhard Lakomy - Das geheime Leben
Electronics German composer that my bandmate Simonís father had from the late 70ís. Admittedly, Lakomy saw Tangerine Dream and was so blown away that he started making music. I was told that he gets no respect in Germany. This record is really sweet.

2. Baraka
Ron Fricke who was the cinematographer for Koyaanisqatsi directed this movie. So amazing that itís really kinda hard to explain. No traditional narrative or dialogue, an amazing score, and probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on film. Shot all over the world , it somehow manages to make the repetition of a cigarette factory and time lapse shots of the Sahara seem equally beautiful.

3. Stan Brakhage
Just had a criterion collection released a while ago. Active from the 60ís maybe even through the 90ís. Glued moth wings on to film. That kinda says it all. Really meticulous short films( for the most part,) that are more like beautiful paintings than film. Also really plays upon the psychedelic properties of repetition.

4. Brandon Eggers
Buddy of mine that illustrated the gatefold of our record. So amazingly meticulous that it is almost psychotic. Super stoney illustrations that are sometimes rendered in one 24 hour sitting.

5. Pan & Regaliz
Spanish (I think?) psych band that was recently reissued. Kinda makes me think of Rita Lee and Erkin Koray at different times.

6. Ya Ho Wha 13 - Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony
Combines serene and aggressive in a really amazing way. Meant to mark the coming Aquarian age supposedly. You can tell he means business. Extremely heavy.

7. Necronimicon - Tips Zum Selbstmord
Lone LP by these guys. Afriend of mine gave this to me a while back. Starts out sounding like Magma, ends up more like German Hawkwind. Beer drinking music.

8. Tetuzi Akiyama - Donít Forget To Boogie
Japanese guy who(atleast on this record,) is using boogie riffs to achieve a similar effect as Steve Reich did with Six Marimbas or Ash Ra with Inventions for Electric Guitar.

9. Phaserprone / Ow Owl
My Friend Jonís Label/ Band respectively. UW OWL is super brutal, The Best I can do is to say kinda like power electronics mixed with Kraut sensibilities. Phaserprone has many other brutalities available

10. Yann Tierson
Composer who did the Amelie soundtrack. Somehow everything he does feels like the most relaxing music Iíve ever heard. Really good for early morning.

11. White Winged Moth
Record I stumbled upon while working at a record store in manhattan. Droney, Improvey, Mellow, Harsh.

12. Jane / Eloy
Two German hard rock bands from the 70ís. Both I am guessing would have probably considered themselves ďprogressive.Ē Good to listen to while watching Stan Brakhage.

Metallic Falcons

The term 'supergroup' can only be used with a certain degree of serious when in reference to a 'freak folk' ensemble. Indeed the New Weird America team shuffles around more often than the Chicago 'post rock' scene of the late 90s. But in this case, I feel comfortable labeling the Metallic Falcons as such. Featuring Sierra Casady (CocoRosie) and Matteah Baim (Voodoo-EROS). They are joined on their new record by friends Greg Rogrove (Tarantula A.D.), Antony (Antony & The Johnsons), Jana Hunter, and Devendra Banhart. Whew. Their debut record, Desert Doughnuts, came out on June 6. Matteah Baim shared some of her favorites with us.

1. Antony and the Johnsons
The most beautiful songtress of these times. its a miraculous thing to see ant perform. hearts exploding all around you in the audience.

2. Devendra Banhart
Likes a light bulb in a tear drop or like a kalediscope in a waterfall. I saw him play his first show and it was the most beautiful show I ever saw.. so fragile and strong.. like a string pulled tight between two stars.

3. Jana Hunter
To me she's "the boss." I mean the next one. She sings for all of us and is us... the people and our feelings. All the breaks and the strength.

4. the Doors
The first album I owned on my own was the Doors, Whysky, Mystics, and Men. What can I say.. Jim's my guy from 12 on. They had the voice of the beyond. "People are Strange" is the album I listen to on repeat now.

5. Vashti Bunyan
The gentlest and most uplifting music. Diamond Day saved my life.. it's all I can say. go see her if you can.

6. Neil Young - Soundtrack to Dead Man
This is the music the guitar dreams about. Holy shit it's good.

7. Nico - Death and the Maiden
The full spectrum of nico. So inspiring. Dark and darker still.

8. Doris Duke
I never heard anything like her album I'm a Loser. She destroys you. It gets in your bones. It's a meditatiton on violence and love.

9. Glenn Gould - Bach-Goldberg Variations
This is some serious psychedelic stimulation with the piano as your guide. Strangely been finding myself tapping my foot to it as well.

10. John Fahey
This guy is honey to the guitar.

Nirvana, Cocteau Twins, Bruce Sprinsteen (the Philadelphia song can't help myself), Caetano Veloso, Dolly Parton doing "Stairway to Heaven" (amazing!!), Sam Cooke, Cure - "Pictures of You" song, Donovan - "Catch the Wind," all and any Otis Redding, Nick Cave - "Into Your Arms," Charlie Feathers (the original musical warrior), the Staples Singers, Pit er Pat, Growing, Lichens, Tarantula ad, Mazel Tov, Maracas, Rachel Mental guitarist, Brian Eno - Another Green World, David Bowie - "the Lonliest Guy" from his Reality album, Nina Simone - Baltimore, the unstoppable Wu Tang Clan, Animal Collective, Led Zepplin, Velvet Underground, John Lennon.

By Dusted Magazine

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