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Listed: David Yow + Ike Yard

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Dusted Features

Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists compiled by our favorite artists. This week: David Yow and Ike Yard.

Listed: David Yow + Ike Yard

David Yow

David Yow spent the bulk of ‘80s as frontman of the Austin, TX death rock outfit Scratch Acid, recording two EPs and a full-length. From 1988 on through most of the ‘90s, he fronted the always-touring Chicago band the Jesus Lizard. Many Dusted readers aged 30 or older have probably touched Yow’s body, either on purpose or by accident, and many more have seen him naked. David Yow will once again enter the hands of the public when Scratch Acid reunites in celebration of Touch & Go Records’ 25th Anniversary in Chicago, September 8-10, 2006. For more information, visit www.touchandgorecords.com.

Ten Music-Related Things

1. Drums
I'm krazy about drums, good drummers, drum sounds, drum design, everything about drums.

2. Record Covers
It's too bad that as time goes by, artwork for recorded releases is going bye-bye. I do appreciate the ease and convenience of CDs and MP3s. I just wish I could have my cake and see some artwork too.

3. Hip Hop/Rap
Sucks a really big enormously gigantic ol' green donkey dick.

4. Classical
I want to go to the Hollywood Bowl to hear a symphony. Almost anything they chose would be alright as long as it wasn't too busy or fidgity. Prokofiev or maybe Grieg would be swell. Under the stars with some cold beer. Maybe getting a blow job too. Yeah, that would be real nice.

5. Trailer Hitch
Was a band from Chicago, IL. They fucked shit up and good. I saw them play and I enjoyed it a whole bunch.

6. (I can't think of anything I'd want to put in slot #6. Sorry)

7. Tour T-shirts
Are WAY too expensive. Well, I guess t-shirts in general are too expensive. There's nothing to it and yet you have to pay about a million dollars for 80 cents worth of cotton and 19 cents worth of ink. It's like buying a head of lettuce for $6.

8. Touch and Go's 25th Anniversary
What can I say? The most significant event of the decade. Thank you T & G.

9. Drums
I'm krazy about drums, good drummers, drum sounds, drum design, everything about drums.

10. Lousy Hearing
I hate music because it took my hearing away. Didn't ask if it could, just picked it up and left. Music is a fucking asshole.

Ike Yard

With the release of Ike Yard's Collected 1980-82 on the New York-based Acute label, NYC post-punk whiz kid Stuart Argabright finally gets his due. While Ike Yard traded in a cerebral mix of deep, bottom-heavy grooves and synth-driven chaos, Argabright has participated in numerous other projects including the Futants, Death Comet Crew, and the Voodooists, and is responsible for the heavenly new wave/electro 12-inch "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight." For this week's Listed a man standing at the nexus of rock, dance, and the avant-garde gives us some suggestions for how to get down.

Some current Favs / No Particular Order.

1. Boris - Pink (Southern Lord)
If you miss a denser moody MBV check the opener "Farewell," elsewhere - thrash updated by this powerhouse Japanese group.

2. Sunn0))) - Black One (Southern Lord)
All I had to hear was "It Took The Night To Believe." Beyond good and evil with a wink. Feel the sub ...

3. Ryuichi Sakamoto - B2 Unit
Get this where you can - it has "Thatness And Thereness," "End Of Europe" AND "Riot In Lagos." Electronic music hybrids from early '80's , before things got too 'set'. Classic.

4. Cluster - Sowiesoso
1974 -'79 - This period of Cluster works best for moi , have drifted through days listening to this collection all the way through as various elements - that analog synth burble that keeps returning or piece of melody - keep perking my ears and moving mind's eye along.

5. Burial - (hyperdub)
This EP of cinematic dubstep came out of a mysterious producer's studio. Sparse, rainy nightime Bladerunner blues and rhythms different from the rest.

6. Esplendor Geometrico - Musco esta Helado '81
Not neat & clean, a Spanish slice of underknown early electroid. Heard this tune on late night NYC radio years ago and it's chorus never left. I fancy these cats part of a similar wave as Ike Yard. Same time, different country.

7. Heaven 17 - The Decline Of The West
Grand, deliberate, timely. Dedication & push off to Bush & Cheney.

8. Popol Vuh - In den Garten Pharohs (SPV Recordings)
Like happening to rediscover Atlantis while on vacation solo, Popol's drum and vocal waves offer a glimpse into long gone ritual humans have half forgotten.

9. Led Zeppelin - "Over The Hills And Far Away" (How The West Was Won live '72 version)
Few things in life are as joyous as the pummel of all four hitting together on this song. Recently revisiting Stephen Davis's Hammer Of The Gods & 33 1/3 book on LZ '4' almost made VH1's SUPERGROUP version of "Out On The Tiles" passable. I said 'almost'...

10. Iggy Pop - The Idiot
In 1977 and since, there was nothing like "Sister Midnight." Slotted between Raw Power and Bowie's Low, this weird Berlin album endures as a capsule one can bite to remember what the Wall meant to musik & legend shaping.

By Dusted Magazine

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