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Listed: Avey Tare & Kria Brekken + Chris Garneau

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists compiled by our favorite artists. This week: Avey Tare & Kria Brekken and Chris Garneau.

Listed: Avey Tare & Kria Brekken + Chris Garneau

Avey Tare & Kria Brekken

It's a mini supergroup and you didn't even know it! This power couple is made up of Avey Tare, aka David Portner of the Animal Collective, and Kria Brekken, who you may know as Kristin Anna Valtysdottir of Icelandic high-pitched duo Mum. Like Mum and AC, their combined output is both beautiful and confounding. Their new record, Pullhair Rubeye was - presumably - recorded in a relatively normal fashion, but the final recording is completely in reverse. Internet whizzes have already successfully leaked a played-forward version, and while it's quite lovely, it certainly breaks the spell cast by Pullhair Rubeye's magic.

1. Tartit - abacabok (Crammed Disc)
Very heavy in the rotation for us these days. Sweet tureg guitar trance/rhythms and group singing from the Timbuktu two region.

2. Monoton - Blau (Oral)
Mellow electronic dub stylings for late nights at home...very stoney. More rhythmic then his other release. I hear a little Suicide in there, a little basic channel.

3. V.M Kutty, Vilayil Valsala - Mopla Songs (EMI)
Amazing Indian pop. The orchestration is all over the place and so broken up into little bridges and vocal melodies.

4. Ethiopie - Polphonies Et Techniques Vocales (Ocora)
We listened to this while falling asleep one night and it became more of an electronic trance record to us then people singing. Very scary but we couldn't stop listening.

5. Syreeta - Syreeta (Motown)
Crazy r & b production. I feel like this stuff could be on the radio now and it wouldn't be surprising. But the songs are what keep you listening more and more

6. Tickley Feather - "Serpents of Wisdom Split" 7" (BadMaster)
Our favorite new musician. Miss Feather gave us a copy of her split while we were on tour and we listened to it alot in the car. It's sweet that new people continue to mess around with sounds in this kind of personal way. She might even be a kindred musical soul of Ariel Pink.

7. Herman Nitsch - Harmoniumwerk 10,11,12 (Organ of Corti)
Beautiful hypnotizing drones, cant get enough them.

8. Magical Music of Disney - LP Box set (Ovation)
Snow white's voice sounds insane. This is a collection thats good for starting off the day. Nothings like singing "Robin Hood and Little John walking through the forest..." our viny is a l little messed up though. Everything takes place behind thorns and scratchy bushes.

9. Selda - Vurulduk Ey Halkim Unutma Bizi
Turkey's Joan Baez? we're not sure what that means but this is some of the most emotional singer song writer stuff we have heard in awhile. The despair is dripping out of the speakers.

10. Children's Choir of Taiwan in Concert (Augsburg) Its warming to imagine these kid's teacher smiling so brightly as they demonstrate their youthful singing brilliance. The songs are pretty and somehow very complicated with minimal piano carrying the sudden jumps in keys and rhythms.

Chris Garneau

Brooklyn singer-songwriter put himself on the map with a cover of the Elliott Smith chestnut "Between the Bars," and in doing so found his base in a hurry. The dainty crooner looks, and sounds not entirely unlike Sufjan Stevens, and also shares a penchant for highly literate lyrics and general sensitivity. His debut record, Music for Tourists, was recently released by Absolutely Kosher. Garneau will be on tour this spring.

1. The Breeders - "Off You"
Anytime I hear about islands I am excited. I can't say anything that would explain how I feel about this song. It's the first one that came into my mind when i was asked to do this list. It is incredible and my favorite.

2. Low - Sunflower
I finally saw them live this past summer at an outdoor night show and this song re-entered my life. I guess I sort of forgot about it. Don't forget about low!

3. Chan Marshall - "Metal Heart"
I was ambivalent about putting a Cat Power song but the truth is she is one of my favorites. and I had a period / still am in a period sometimes where I listen to this song over and over. It's sort of a shame but it does happen to me.

4. Rasputina - "A Quitter"
I have an old high school attachment to this band. My best friend introduced me to them years ago. Anyway, I am not embarrassed about liking them as much as I do. And this song is really beautiful, and super sad, a quality that usually appeals to me.

5. Julie Doiron - "Will You Still love Me in December?"
I guess, well, I think this song is really genius. The vocal melodies/harmonies are quite bizarre, creepy time, and really smart.

6. Gonzales - "Gogol"
In my opinion there are very few modern solo piano compositions that are even listenable. But these ones on this solo piano record are very, very beautiful. Please listen to them.

7. Elephant Parade
The whole self-titled debut album is really good. I saw them for the first time last winter at matchless in Brooklyn. It was a Friday or Saturday night and people were being really loud. Band couldn't hear themselves, etc.. But my friend and I were right by the PA and both loved their songs so I have been a big fan of them and their record ever since.

8. Sleeping States - "Rivers"
This song, actually all Markland's songs are brilliant. Rivers also has an amazing video directed by Alex Smith.

9. Elliott Smith - "2:45 AM"
It's a very difficult task choosing an Elliott Smith song for this list, so I almost didn't do it. But he has been such a strong influence in my life over these past years that I can't NOT put one of his songs in this list. I thought long and hard about which song to put. This is my final choice. Okay.

10. Nirvana - "Where Did You Sleep Last Night (live)"
The scream - you know the scream - it haunts my life.

11. Brian Wilson - "God Only Knows"
Can I put an eleventh? It's just one of my favorite songs and I just remembered.

By Dusted Magazine

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