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Listed: Fursaxa + Lewis & Clarke

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists compiled by our favorite artists. This week: Fursaxa and Lewis & Clarke.

Listed: Fursaxa + Lewis & Clarke


For nearly eight years, Philadelphia psychedelicist Tara Burke has been making music as Fursaxa. Her ethereal tones and songs have attracted a fan base that includes just about everyone in the modern psych scene and more. She has released records on a variety of labels, including Eclipse, Jeweled Antler, most recently the ATP Recordings imprint. Fursaxa can be found on tour around the West Coast in August.

1. The Third Ear Band - Earth Air Fire Water
An insight into expansion and contraction in a series of rhythms. Elemental forces swirl around with a myriad of insects, pollen, sounds and warmth. Visions of discs, swords, wands, and cups can further enhance the journey and bring one to understand the higher realms.

2. Catherine Ribeiro
It was a dark night. Opal clouds drift across a moonless sky. Wind ripples the tall grass in the meadow. Suddenly a frightful sound is heard. It begins as a low moan, rising into a long, wailing shriek that slowly fades away into a sob. The high priestess appears from the darkness in her velvet green gown and violet cloak and transports us to the blue light.

3. Sun City Girls - Torch of the Mystics
Prophets of the ghost dance religion who understand that wings are needed for shamanic flight. Transportation from one cosmic world to the other on royal carpets of vermillion hue can be achieved if one empties the mind and follows the sound. Sounds of Moroccan chanters blended with tarahumara maracas and chino valley witchcraft equals shaman music.

4. Buffalo Springfield - Expecting to Fly
Some songs allow one to escape from the weight of everyday reality, especially when written by a water sign of the scorpion nature. Water is heavy, floating in water is light. Then we ascend to the sky, specialize in sorcery, and flight is achieved. Hail the undine beings.

5. Village Music of Bulgaria
Caravans of jewels and pelts. Tribe of the Satyrs embroidered in the earth. Echoes of gaida wander through the mountains and streams. I feast on the peasant music of rose hip thyme. Silvan trysts are so divine.

6. Brian Eno - Here Come the Warm Jets
A warm rush of enchanted air flows through ruby colored veins. Bliss and euphoria blanket the night of undulating rhythms. Full coarse breath seeps through the lavender sky. The hummingbird overhead relays her message from the divine realms. All is well.

7. The Dead C - DR 503
Chlorophyll stained metal, cold and green. An old woman told my fortune today, metallic crystal ball drone. Icy firelies, ballerinas doing cartwheels in the sky. Is it all a dream? Or only a gypsy by the sea?

8. Tim Buckley - Blue Afternoon
Blue. The color of the sea and the heavens. Divine in nature. It is serene and sedating and its mere glance can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming. Blue music is the outlet of emotional input, sedating for pain and suffering.

9. Buffy Saint Marie - Illuminations
Maiden of music surrounded by sounds of the Lepidoptera in flight. Breath of life, transforming trees, grass, and stones into towers of bees. Journey into the labyrinth and hear the call of Amaterasu, sun goddess of rebirth.

10. Scorces
Scorpio is imaginative, passionate and emotional, subtle, persistent, intense, obstinate and unyielding. Pisces is receptive, intuitive and emotional, imaginative, romantic, impressionable and mystical, adaptable and changeable. A lunar match of compatible water signs.

Lewis & Clarke

To steal a term coined out of other recently coined terms, one might describe (and has described) Pennsylvania's Lewis & Clarke as "Post-Folk Neo-Baroque." Lewis & Clarke is actually three members; Russell Higbee (Man Man / Coyote – piano and harp), Eve Miller (Rachel’s – cello), and frontman acoustic guitar, sitar) Lou Rogai – and have been at it for quite some time. His new record, Blasts of Holy Birth, will be released this week by La Societe Expeditionnaire, for which they'll be playing a few record release shows next week.

1. Bob Dorough
Best known for his contributions to the Schoolhouse Rock! series, Bob is a Pocono fixture and world legend, worked with Miles and Allen Ginsberg. 84 years old and counting. Has a knack for numerics and always appropriately flashes us the "three" salute around town...Three is the magic number, indeed.

2. Bill Fay
The parenthetical, slip-through-the-cracks, almost-lost footnote of the seventies. Perfect driving music. Had to stop listening to him on the way to shows though, because his voice started coming out of my mouth.

3. Sandy Bull - Inventions
Classical-electric-raga-blues-fusion-something. Noisy recording, reverb knob turned up too much on the twin, this wonderful record made it ok for kids to accidentally find half-tones and think about "asian music". Billy Higgins on drums is brilliant, perfect jams.

4. Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance
Directed by Godfrey Reggio, music by Philip Glass. In the Hopi language, the word Koyaanisqatsi means 'life of moral corruption and turmoil, life out of balance', and this film implies that modern humanity is living in such a way. When first approached by Reggio, Glass replied "I don't do film music."

5. Aaron Ross
Nevada City, CA singer-songwriter. The Comfort Inn is a tune by Aaron covered by Lewis & Clarke, a song known to save a man from drowning when he got washed along the river rocks...thanks, Aaron.

6. Bread and Puppet Theater Co.
Early impressions of music / theater. Memories of driving to Vermont in my parent's Dodge Falcon, Aunt Carol playing fiddle, everyone was friendly, smelled like the earth and shared strange-smelling cigarettes, the kind uncle Kenny smoked. Elaborate community theater and music, magic.

7. Rachel's - Systems/Layers
Instant soundtrack / transportation portal. Beautiful.

8. Ravi Shankar - Live at The Monterey Pop Festival
It was raining, he was apprehensive about a pop festival. No worries, everyone levitates.

9. Deliverance: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
An enjoyable listen before putting the canoe in the water. Good banjo.

10. Jackson C. Frank
A lesson on how not to blow your inheritance/insurance checks on cars and euro-trips. The story of this gentleman, his craft of song, and his descent into homelessness is most tragic. Hope did come, and redemption, and all without the aid of Paul Simon.

By Dusted Magazine

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