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2008: Daniel Levin Becker

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Dustedís Daniel Levin Becker suspends disbelief long enough to run down his favorite albums from 2008.

2008: Daniel Levin Becker

What a year, and thank god itís nearly behind us: Terrorist fist jab. Giovane bello e abbronzato. "Thereís no reason not to be a pirate." Plaxico Burress, both because he shot himself in the leg and because his name is Plaxico Burress. R.I.P. David Foster Wallace, Isaac Hayes, this guy. R.I.P. black hole-related doomsday theories and the economy. Hello American democracy, 365-173, and hello Chinese Democracy. Itís nice to have at least one of you back.

I donít have much time to rhapsodize. Here are some things I liked a lot and didnít write about this year.

Arms - Kids Aflame (Melodic)

Lovely little record about being small in a big place. A dozen songsí worth of Salinger characters, urbane and ingratiating and quietly ill at ease with it all. When the eastern seaboard drowns, this is how I will choose to remember New York.

  • Why? - Alopecia (Anticon)

    A big, colorful, dutifully garish overthinkpiece exploring either the darker side of adulthood or the lighter side of mortality ("I sleep on my back Ďcause itís good for the spine, aaand... coffin rehearsal"). Paradoxically, seems to get newer with every listen.

  • The Diggs Ė ctrl-alt-del (Sugarspun)

    Dumb name, smart and perceptive rock. What might be called emo in a better world, had the taxonomy in question not taken a drastic turn for the worse at the end of the 90s.

  • 3OH!3 Ė WANT (Photo Finish)

    Boulder electrothug duo breaks it down, in the sonic equivalent of capital letters, for those of us who hate to dance. Durrty and shameless, but also impeccably produced and way smarter than it takes credit for. I hear they stole their snare sound from Justice.

  • TV on the Radio

    I saw them last week for the first time in years and nearly wept. Iím still unfolding Dear Science, but their accumulated presenceódespite their critical mass status and because of itóis both exciting and overwhelming. Itís suspiciously easy to be moved by racial firsts in 2008; the thing isnít that the best rock band in America right now is mostly black, but that it took this long.

  • Bottomless Pit Ė Congress EP (Comedy Minus One)

    This is worth it solely for proving that last yearís exercise in mourning, Hammer of the Gods, wasnít a one-shot project. Less knotty and emotional, more directly appealing; four songs that all sound pretty similar but havenít gotten old yet.

  • Koen Holtkamp Ė Field Rituals (Type)

    Havenít been listening to this for long enough to know why I like it.

  • Black Mountain Ė In the Future (Jagjaguwar)

    Sophomore effort of unexpected dignity and versatility from alarmist Canadian heshers. They clearly have no idea what decade it is, which could probably teach the rest of us something.

  • Torche Ė Meanderthal (Hydra Head)

    How do you pronounce ďTorcheĒ?


    Attack Release - "Reputation Maker" (demo)
    Clouds - "Glass House Rocks" (We Are Above You, Hydra Head)
    Die! Die! Die! - "Sideways, Here We Come" (Promises, Promises, SAF)
    5ive - "News I" (Hesperus, Tortuga)
    The Magnetic Fields - ďThe Nunís LitanyĒ (Distortion, Nonesuch)
    Notorious B.I.G. - "Juicy (Pete Rockís Version)" (Ready To Die: O.G. Edition)
    Pete Rock f. Jim Jones & Max B - "We Roll" (NYís Finest, Koch)
    pg.lost - "The Day Shift" (Itís Not You, Itís Me!, Black Star Foundation)
    Tokyo Police Club - "Your English Is Good" (Elephant Shell, Saddle Creek)

    Happy holidays. Hereís to self-expression in all its forms.

    By Daniel Levin Becker

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