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Listed: Poirier + Overnight Lows

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Every Friday, Dusted Magazine publishes a series of music-related lists compiled by our favorite artists. This week: Montreal producer Ghislain Poirier and Jackson, Mississippi punks Overnight Lows.

Listed: Poirier + Overnight Lows


Montreal DJ/producer Ghislain Poirier’s polyglot dance grooves incorporate a diversity of styles, from dancehall to soca to hip hop to 21st century electronics. The host of Montreal’s Bounce Le Gros and Karnival parties, Poirier is also a visual artist and provocateur. His latest album, Runnin’ High, comes out March 30 in Canada and May 4 in the U.S. on Ninja Tune, and features contributions from several soca and reggae stars. But we’ll let him tell you exactly who...

Top 10 tracks by vocalists and remixers involved in my new album, Running High

1. Ms. Dynamite - “Bad Gyal”
I liked Ms. Dynamite from day one, but the R&B incursion in the last few years wasn’t my cup of tea. When I heard that riddim produced by Sticky, I was thinking “She’s back for real!”. And I was lucky enough to have Sticky remixing “Enemies” (feat. Face-T).

2. Burro Banton - “Badder Den Dem”
This is probably the track I played the most in my DJ sets in the last two years. It’s so raw. It’s dancehall straight to the point, and Massive B production is always a must. It was natural to try to do a track with Burro Banton and I’m really happy he’s part of my album with a killer vocal.

3. Dawg E. Slaughter - “Trample”
I basically discovered and liked soca because of Dawg E. Slaughter, now performing as Mr. Slaughter. This track is a personal classic. It’s so hype! And it gave a name to a very good soca compilation called Lif Up Yuh Leg An Trample.

4. Busy Signal & Machel Montano - “Whoii Gal Whooii”
Busy Signal is prolific and inventive. He’s fearless and I love his attitude, trying so many things. It’s a privilege to have Busy on Running High. On this track, with a more traditional/roots feeling, he’s teaming up with Machel Montano, who’s been a soca leader for many years.

5. Sunship - “Almighty Father” feat. Warrior Queen
This one hit me very hard the first time I heard it. Warrior Queen is doing amazing vocals. It became a classic track at my party, “Bounce le Gros,” back in 2005-2007. It’s grime, dancehall, and it’s minimal the way I like. A strong kick, some claps and a subtle high-pitched melody.

6. Uproot Andy - “La Vida vale la pena”
This is a rework of Petrona Martinez by New York genius Uproot Andy. It’s Afro-Colombian, but now with more bass, and it’s definitely a hit in my sets. You can almost play it at any moment. Uproot Andy remixed “Wha-La-La-Leng” (feat. Face-T) with the same openness in the riddim.

7. Terry Lynn - “System”
It’s produced by Switzerland’s WILDLIFE!. On the Terry Lynn album, the tracks I liked the most are from him. Great balance of electronic background with dancehall toughness.

8. YT - “Real Music”
YT is one of the greatest voice in the UK. This is classic reggae/dancehall at his best. Also check out the version with tons of guests named “Champion Sound.”

9. MJ Cole - “AO” (feat. Serocee) (Zed Bias Wind-Up Mix)
Living in London, Serocee is a hard worker. He did a lot of collaborations with UK producers. I met him in Germany — we were playing the same festival and he was performing with Toddla T. A couple of months later, we did a track together called “Pickney Too Bad.”

10. Mungo’s Hifi - “Bad From Riddim”
From Scotland, Mungo’s Hifi are bass lovers with a massive sound system. This riddim, rooted in dubstep, is still very much in their style and has that ‘80s feeling with lots of space in it. I asked them to remix my track “Let Them Hate” (feat. YT) because they’re also good friends with YT, so it was just natural.

Overnight Lows

Daphne and Marsh Nabors have been playing together for decades, first in Comas and, since 1995, in the punk rocking Overnight Lows. Their drummer, Paul Artigues, joined in 2005, taking a break from his day job as a New Orleans chef. Yet though they’ve been bashing out fast, hard, belligent punk for a long time, their City of Rotten Eyes, out this month on Goner, is their first full-length CD. It’s worth the wait. Dusted’s Jennifer Kelly concluded, “It’s almost as if 15 years of playing together have allowed the Overnight Lows to distill punk rock into a Platonic ideal of speed, snot, sex and sarcasm.”

1. J. Geils Band - “Centerfold” 45
One of my brothers must’ve left this at my Grandmom’s house, because I have no idea how it could’ve gotten there. It destroyed my mind. Such a tawdry little rock n’ roll song. I had to sneak around to listen to it ‘cause I thought for sure I’d get in trouble if I was caught, and I also thought I was gonna go to hell for liking the song. One day I got the nerve to ask my Grandmom what it was. With a tinge of disdain in her voice, she told me it was rock n’ roll. I promptly climbed up on a chair, jumped off, and bashed my head against a countertop. Thus beginning a life of rock n’ roll related head injuries. (Marsh)

2. Fleshies - Brown Flag
After listening to the Fleshies for a couple of years and catching them live, I knew they were a good band. The thing that got me about their albums was the fact that they were all over the place. A rocking song, a weird song, a weirder song, a punk blast, and then back to a rocking song. It was almost like they were a couple of different bands rolled up into one. Brown Flag, on the other hand, seems like a more cohesive album to me. Maybe it’s because it’s full of the kind of Fleshies noise I like — the catchier, poppier stuff. (Marsh)

3. Miami side of the Miami/ Shotwell split LP
I love the way this record sounds... damaged! Yet, at the same time, it’s catchy as hell. With a rhythm section made up of two-thirds of the almighty Hickey, how could you go wrong? With songs and lyrics written by Eric Lyle and Ivy of Scam zine, ya know it’s gonna have the attitude! (Marsh)

4. Ed Nasty and the Dopeds - s/t 45
I love knowing about the underground music history of whatever town I’m in, so when I moved to Jackson, Miss., things looked bleak. To my surprise, I heard about a 45 that came out in 1978. Surely there was no way to find a copy - once again, things looked bleak. I don’t remember the circumstances, but I met Ed and he gave me a record! The kicker is that both songs on the 45 rocked. Snotty punk with great lyrics. Sexo Records best! (Marsh)

5. The Thermals - More Parts per Million
I just love this whole album. Its production (or lack there of), the frenzied, trashy sometimes explosive pace, its (what I consider to be, anyway) really intelligent “yeah! Why didn’t I write that!” lyrics. “No Culture Icons” is a personal favorite. The whole album just really flows while having enough variety to keep me interested. I like the parts that blast and then fall back into nothing. (Daphne)

6. Wire - Pink Flag
OK — you know this is a great record, I know it’s a great record. Thing is, I only had it on cassette tape and I’ve lost it! It’s perfect for jammin’ in the Hate Honda on cold, bleak winter days. I would really like for it to turn up right about now. (Daphne)

7. X - “Hungry Wolf” (from Under the Big Black Sun)
I don’t care what anybody else says, I love X and this whole album is really good. But, I had to single out “Hungry Wolf” because sometime around 1997 we decided it was “our song” (mine and Marsh’s, that is). Mush mush, gag, gag, he’s probably gonna kill me for writing this. (Daphne)

8. The Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe
I loved this record in 1984 when I was 7 years old and I still love it now. I would play “The Ballad of Ole Betsy” with my friend Jeremy Willis and we would argue over who would get to be in love with our teacher, Mrs. Pitt’s daughter, Betsy. We would listen to “Be True to Your School” before soccer games against the stupid Lutheran school kids. I would put chairs in front of a full length mirror and pretend I was driving a car while I was singing and listening to “409” on my Fisher Price record player. I don’t think I ever wanted to turn the record over.

9. Body Count - Cop Killer
Best Rock and Roll Record ever. What else can you say except: I am a mother fuckin’ cop killer BLAP!! BLAP!! BLAP!! BLAP!! Oh yeah, and “The Winner Loses” is one of the best ballads of all time. This record opened the door for so many other great records.

10. The Pixies - Trompe Le Monde
I lost my virginity to this.

By Dusted Magazine

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