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Artist: Vincent & Mr. Green

Album: Vincent & Mr. Green

Label: Ipecac

Review date: Mar. 21, 2005

Vincent & Mr. Green have a surprising credit to its moniker – the formicative inducing “Drug State” from Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood. Having had the misfortune of seeing said film, it’s rather easy to say that this is certainly one of the more memorable moments, with a narcotized Ashley Judd doing her best Sybil on Special K routine, all while maintaining a sort of salacious appeal. Vincent & Mr. Green’s soundtracking is key here: otherwise, Judd’s histrionics would’ve been better suited to the taste of a Lifetime watching geriatric.

Listening to Vincent & Mr. Green’s self-titled disc for Ipecac is a lot like watching Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood: It’s a disagreeable experience, yet not devoid of the occasional lapse of voice/beat/key combinations that induce enough deviant sex acts and transgressive behavior to make one rethink the whole repress/purge schematic. And it’s this duality that is incessantly in the forefront. Annoyingly enough, Vincent & Mr. Green sound as if they operate perpetually within the tangential chasm between voluminous orgasm and the suicidal six-month sex drought.

At its best, this record recalls Eno’d Bowie, some T Rex, and, um, Mr. Bungle. At its worst, Vincent & Mr. Green sound as if their only reason for existence is to pitch a really hip and erotic soundtrack to P. T. Anderson when he decides to helm the sequel of True Romance. And, that’s not a good thing, mind you.

By Stewart Voegtlin

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