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The Beautiful New Born Children - Hey People!

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Artist: The Beautiful New Born Children

Album: Hey People!

Label: Domino

Review date: Nov. 20, 2005

Short sharp riffs, grimy guitar noise, bad words sung through overloaded microphones, all delivered full head of steam ­ what more do you need? If you're the Beautiful New Born Children, maybe a better band name, but that¹s about it.

This German combo sticks to the basics and gets to the point, churning out nine bracing blasts of terse, catchy noise-pop in less than 24 minutes. They waste no time grappling with the big questions; the lines "I'm feeling good, I'm feeling fine, and I don't really give a fuck about what you say," from "OK, Alright, Fine," sum up their world view.

Their style? Imagine Perfect Sound Forever-vintage Pavement if they powdered and snorted all their younger siblings' Ritalin, skipped the experimental posing and decided to just rock out. If that sounds like a good idea to you, then so will this record. To say any more would be to miss the point.

By Bill Meyer

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