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Kid606 - Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You

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Artist: Kid606

Album: Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You

Label: Ipecac

Review date: Apr. 4, 2004

Miguel "Kid606" Depedro is such a talented bloke, it’s easy to hate him. His huge initial success was quickly followed by backlash – at least within the proto-cool skinny white boy nation. Homemade "I did a 606 remix" t-shirts from Austin to Brooklyn were less ironic commentary and more outright resentment for the man who became the unavoidable face for all things mash-up and DSP flavored. But with a few years between his groundbreaking "Straight Outta Compton" remix and this release the truth about Miguel has only become more and more apparent. He’s a certifiable genius.

His Tigerbeat6 label consistently puts out forward thinking and mindbending art and his production work is flawless in its…well…flaws. He exploits genres more than he obeys them: drum'n'bass, gabber, reggae, acid, minimal techno, etc. Nothing is off limits and he uses every trick in the book with such flare, his versatility is unquestioned.

The drill'n'bass splitting senstation “The Illness” is wonderful introduction to the dark and playful world of Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You. The old skool ragga of "Who Wah Killed Sound?" is a roughneck classic that captures 3 A.M. eternal. "Buckle Up" features the guest vocals of Wayne Lonesome for a slowed-down jump-up cut that morphs into a fast paced ragga anthem.

"Ecstasy Motherfucker," possibly the album's best moment, draws from every electronic genre imaginable with great ease and 606's sense of timing is on display. Tweaking the lyric "Beat goes boom boom boom", 606 pokes fun at every cliché the general public has about rave music. Over the nine minutes, we get a quick tour of trance, 'ardcore and jungle, before 606 reverts again to his acid drenched techno roots.

A true wonder of PowerBook science, Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You is above all, fun; the kind of music that makes you sweat and jump and get you off your ass. "I did a remix for kid606 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" is now proudly proclaimed on tees for sale on the Tigerbeat6 website, which shouldn’t be a surprise coming from modern music’s ultimate spin doctor.

By Steph Salas

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