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Distance - My Demons

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Artist: Distance

Album: My Demons

Label: Planet Mu

Review date: May. 11, 2007

My Demons is a tricky album to review, simply because it doesn't really offer enough to work with. That's not to say that it's a thin album; the issue is simply that we've all heard this before. DJ Distance offers 12 tracks in an hour that fall directly into a mid-tempo electronica category, a realm well-explored by previous artists like Witchman, Spacer, and many others.

The thing is, My Demons is well-done. Noirish atmospheres are skillfully evoked, dark synth pads over solid rhythms are laid out as they should be. But it's the predictability that ultimately brooks no argument. Since other artists have mapped the territory, to make this noteworthy takes more than just repeating the past. It feels as though one could have been listening to this 10 years ago, and thought, "Oh, a new Grooverider side?" Or, even worse, listening to the Dark City samples in "Tuning" just made me think of Skinny Puppy.

On the other hand, originality isn't everything, and while it may matter more for instrumental electronica – with no vocals and organic sounds to differentiate – that doesn't stop this from being a reasonably enjoyable listen. The sense of familiarity forces it to the background, but as a late-night spin, My Demons can get the job done. Enjoy, just don't expect any surprises, because there won't be any.

By Mason Jones

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