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Fabulous Diamonds - Fabulous Diamonds II

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Artist: Fabulous Diamonds

Album: Fabulous Diamonds II

Label: Siltbreeze

Review date: Jul. 14, 2010

Hypnotic monotony!

Itís been done before, by Can and This Heat and Faust and Swans. It has left behind some awesome artifacts, some distinct statements of purpose, and Fabulous Diamonds II fits easily into that canon. How much does something change Ė how powerful is it Ė when it repeats itself over and over again?

If youíre considering piano lessons, keep this in mind: Hereís the dark side of learning anything about music: You lose your appreciation for people who bang out the same chord over and over again, for 12 minutes, to say nothing of the people who drone mantras on top of it, for 12 minutes. Come to find out, itís way too easy. And the world deserves more than the same thing over and over again, right? That loss of appreciation, thatís a loss. Because the effect of hearing the same chord over and over, and hearing someone drone over it, can be therapeutic. Much more therapeutic than someone trying to be creative.

The Fabulous Diamonds formula is, basically: Find one chord and plug into it. Chant over it, the same thing, again and again. Before we get started, letís pump up the drums and organ all the way, so we donít have to adjust them at all while weíre taping. We will not vary the pace. And we keep going Ďtil weíre done, whether itís three minutes or 12 minutes.

Some critics will describe Fabulous Diamonds as subject to ďEasternĒ influences. But thatís bullshit - itís all about their embrace of monotony, which is a pan-cultural thing. Which isnít necessarily a bad thing. Iíve listened to this record five times today, and am completely hypnotized by it Ė please donít listen to a word I say.

By Emerson Dameron

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