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Artist: Best Coast

Album: Crazy For You

Label: Mexican Summer

Review date: Jul. 26, 2010

Some things just arenít worth a fight. You have your thing, I have mine ó if we can agree that Creedence Clearwater Revival and Breaking Bad kill it, then letís get burritos. I spend good chunks of time arguing for and against music, both because itís fun to do quick Rock, Rot & Rule ragging and because I think certain things merit attention and discussion. Both strategies work for the great and the terrible: itís a blast to argue over whether Creedence actually killed it, and itís usually worthwhile to discuss culturally and aesthetically bankrupt product. But Best Coastís Crazy For You is one album that isnít worth the fight. You have your thing, I have mine, and this most definitely is not my thing.

If the difference between Best Coast and hazed-out pop revivalists like The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Crystal Stilts, and Vivian Girls is one of degree, not of kind, then Best Coast have gone past pleasant nostalgia into some kind of mega-pointless, post-post-grunge echo chamber. Iím a fan of the Vivian Girls, even though I donít think updating Shop Assistants tunes is an inspired idea. Theyíre good at what they do, and I like their sort of thing enough to get behind it. Meanwhile, if folks are clamoring for a sunny 2010 take on Belly, well, hereís Best Coast. Is it done well? I guess, but I donít really care, because a sunny 2010 take on Belly is the last take for which Iím clamoring.

As such, explaining why Crazy For You doesnít do it for me is like shooting fish in a barrel. Positive vibes arenít enough to make up for something this effortlessly banal. This album is practically designed to offend me. I recently read an old Steely Dan interview in which they discussed the ďharmonic naivetyĒ of their first few albums. If those albums are harmonically naÔve, whatís an appropriate metaphor for Best Coast? Harmonically still-born? Also, an excerpt of the lyrics from ďGoodbyeĒ: ďI lost my job / I miss my mom / I wish my cat could talk / Every time you leave this house / Everything falls apart.Ē

Thirty minutes of that sort of thing here. If whining and wishing that your cat could talk is your bag, well, hereís Best Coast. Now letís get burritos.

By Brad LaBonte

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