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Artist: 242.Pilots

Album: Live in Bruxelles

Label: Carpark

Review date: Dec. 5, 2002

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Identity isis?

Artist: Claudia Bonarelli

Album: Everything Happens Only a Certain Number of Times

Label: Mitek

Review date: Oct. 14, 2002

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Knots of Sound

Artist: Languis

Album: Untied

Label: Simballrec

Review date: Nov. 27, 2002

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A Rewarding Forray Into Musique Concrete

Artist: Lionel Marchetti

Album: Sirrus

Label: Auscultare Research

Review date: Oct. 17, 2002

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Destinations Suite

Artist: The Metal Quan Yin

Album: Destinations Suite

Label: Edgetone

Review date: Jan. 23, 2003

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Artificial Nostalgia

Artist: Tahiti 80

Album: Wallpaper for the Soul

Label: Minty Fresh

Review date: Feb. 10, 2003

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