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Communal Hip Shake

Artist: Broken Social Scene

Album: You Forgot It In People

Label: Arts & Crafts

Review date: Jul. 22, 2003

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Of Men and Missiles

Artist: Christof Kurzmann

Album: The Air Between

Label: Charhizma

Review date: Sep. 9, 2003

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North Spaghetti Western

Artist: Wally Shoup Trio

Album: Fusillades & Lamentations

Label: Leo

Review date: May. 26, 2003

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Elbows & Crunch

Artist: Tangiers

Album: Hot New Spirits

Label: Sonic Unyon

Review date: Jun. 2, 2003

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Sustained and Dimmer

Artist: Wow & Flutter

Album: Names

Label: Jealous Butcher

Review date: Jun. 24, 2003

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