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Beat's B-Side Redux

Artist: Beat Happening

Album: Music to Climb the Apple Tree By

Label: K

Review date: Aug. 7, 2003

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Lauded Laughter

Artist: Broadcast

Album: HaHa Sound

Label: Warp

Review date: Aug. 19, 2003

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Artist: Clear Horizon

Album: Clear Horizon

Label: Kranky

Review date: Oct. 27, 2003

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A Different Mission

Artist: Consonant

Album: Love and Affliction

Label: Fenway

Review date: Sep. 11, 2003

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A Powerful Pronoun

Artist: HiM

Album: Many in High Places Are Not Well

Label: Bubble Core

Review date: Sep. 1, 2003

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Artist: Movietone

Album: The Sand and the Stars

Label: Drag City

Review date: Jan. 13, 2004

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Artist: Pousseur-Main-Jeck-Oval

Album: 4 Parabolic Mixes

Label: Sub Rosa

Review date: Oct. 6, 2003

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Artist: Dean Roberts

Album: Be Mine Tonight

Label: Kranky

Review date: Nov. 20, 2003

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Artist: Unsane

Album: Lambhouse: The Collection 1991-1998

Label: Relapse

Review date: Jan. 15, 2004

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Artist: V/A

Album: Primavera Sound 2003

Label: Red Musical

Review date: Sep. 24, 2003

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Covering Classics

Artist: Denison Witmer

Album: Recovered

Label: Fugitive

Review date: Aug. 4, 2003

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