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Diamond Neckless

Dusted's Marc Gilman talks to Dave Nuss of the elusive and fantastic No Neck Blues Band and chronicles the band's ascent to near-mythical status.

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Small Village People: A Look at CD-R Labels

Dusted's Marc Gilman spent some time recently studying the outbreak of the CD-R label. After interviewing various label heads and tracking down some material, here are his thoughts.

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A Collective Consciousness

Artist: Animal Collective

Album: Here Comes the Indian

Label: Paw Tracks

Review date: Jun. 20, 2003

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Antipop Redux

Artist: Anti-Pop vs. Matthew Shipp

Album: Anti-Pop vs. Matthew Shipp

Label: Thirsty Ear

Review date: May. 6, 2003

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Artist: The Bad Examples

Album: Profis Like Us

Label: Ata Tak

Review date: Jul. 15, 2002

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More Songs About Buildings and Non-Foods

Artist: F. S. Blumm

Album: Ankern

Label: Staubgold

Review date: Jan. 15, 2003

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Artist: Fat Day

Album: IV

Label: Dark Beloved Cloud

Review date: Aug. 1, 2002

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Fours Feeled

Artist: Forcefield

Album: Roggabogga

Label: Load

Review date: Dec. 8, 2002

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Artist: J. Torrance

Album: The Archduke Of The Furrycats

Label: Sijis

Review date: Apr. 8, 2004

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Double Sided, Double Density (Supposedly)

Artist: Komet / Bovine Life

Album: Reciprocess +/vs. 01

Label: Bip-Hop

Review date: Sep. 23, 2002

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Bored of Canada

Artist: Manitoba

Album: Start Breaking My Heart

Label: Domino

Review date: Nov. 7, 2002

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All of Your Skin Are Belong to Us

Artist: Mind Flayer

Album: Take Your Skin Off

Label: Bulb

Review date: Apr. 21, 2003

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What is Modern?

Artist: Ogurusu Norihide

Album: Modern

Label: Carpark

Review date: Apr. 30, 2003

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2 x 2 = good

Artist: Orthrelm / Touchdown

Album: Split CD

Label: Troubleman Unlimited

Review date: Sep. 19, 2002

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Goodnight to the Rock and Roll Era

Artist: Pink and Brown

Album: Shame Fantasy II

Label: Load

Review date: Jun. 5, 2003

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Artist: Randomnumber

Album: I Understand Your Date and Time of Nowhere

Label: Rocket Racer

Review date: Jul. 15, 2002

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Artist: Sack and Blumm

Album: kind kind

Label: Staubgold

Review date: Oct. 9, 2003

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Sonic Elements

Artist: Sightings

Album: Absolutes

Label: Load

Review date: Aug. 6, 2003

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Artist: Signer

Album: Low Light Dreams

Label: Carpark

Review date: Aug. 5, 2002

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Artist: Joseph Suchy

Album: Calabi.Yau

Label: Staubgold

Review date: Feb. 15, 2004

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Artist: Tussle

Album: Don't Stop

Label: Troubleman Unlimited

Review date: Jan. 19, 2004

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Taken Beyond

Artist: Keith Fullerton Whitman

Album: Playthroughs

Label: Kranky

Review date: Oct. 23, 2002

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Quality Control in Practice

Artist: Susumu Yokota

Album: The Boy and the Tree

Label: Leaf

Review date: Feb. 5, 2003

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