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Audio Output: Luomo and Farmers Manual

Dusted's Dave Morris interviews Luomo and Farmers Manual at The Year Of Living Digitally Festival in Singapore.

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Artist: Ellen Allien

Album: My Parade

Label: Bpitch Control

Review date: Nov. 22, 2004

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Artist: Arkitekchur

Album: Should or The Drawing Boarded Colour Target Future Theater Wars

Label: tbtmo

Review date: Nov. 11, 2003

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Artist: A Cricket In Times Square

Album: A Cricket In Times Square

Label: High Two

Review date: Apr. 5, 2005

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Artist: McNeal & Niles

Album: Thrust

Label: Chocolate Industries

Review date: Nov. 30, 2004

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Minimal Pause

Artist: Charlemagne Palestine

Album: In Mid-Air

Label: Alga Marghen

Review date: May. 29, 2003

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Artist: Polmo Polpo

Album: Like Hearts Swelling

Label: Constellation

Review date: Sep. 25, 2003

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Artist: Chris Potter

Album: Lift: Live At The Village Vanguard

Label: Sunnyside

Review date: Jan. 4, 2005

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An Engaging Brew

Artist: Wally Shoup / Paul Flaherty / Thurston Moore / Chris Corsano

Album: Live at Tonic

Label: Leo

Review date: Jul. 8, 2003

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A Northern Psych-Out

Artist: Simply Saucer

Album: Cyborgs Revisted

Label: Sonic Unyon

Review date: Aug. 6, 2003

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Artist: Leo Smith with the Bill Smith Ensemble

Album: Rastafari

Label: Boxholder

Review date: Oct. 20, 2003

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Artist: T. Raumschmiere

Album: Radio Blackout

Label: Mute

Review date: Dec. 4, 2003

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Artist: Wevie Stonder

Album: Kenyan Harry

Label: Skam

Review date: Jan. 26, 2004

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