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Three new releases from
composer Koji Asano

Artist: Koji Asano

Album: Absurd Summer / Gondola Odyssey / Piano Suite 1

Label: Solstice

Review date: Jun. 22, 2003

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Saxophone / Bass Duos from Butcher and Edwards

Artist: John Butcher and John Edwards

Album: Optic

Label: Emanem

Review date: Sep. 5, 2003

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The Errs are in the Edits

Artist: Kali Z. Fasteau

Album: Oneness

Label: Flying Note

Review date: Sep. 8, 2003

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Break Out Of Your Cage

Artist: Max Neuhaus

Album: Fontana Mix - Feed

Label: Alga Marghen

Review date: Jun. 29, 2003

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Lullabies for the Electronic Age

Artist: Arne Nordheim

Album: Dodeka

Label: Rune Grammofon

Review date: Aug. 21, 2003

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Warm and Fuzzy via Scandanavia

Artist: Tape

Album: Opera

Label: Hapna

Review date: Sep. 11, 2003

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