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Can I Be Part of Your Complicated Aesthetic?

Artist: The Angels of Light

Album: Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home

Label: Young God

Review date: Mar. 13, 2003

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Bring out the Bagpipes

Artist: Arab Strap

Album: Monday at the Hug & Pint

Label: Matador

Review date: Apr. 22, 2003

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Artist: Belle and Sebastian

Album: Storytelling

Label: Matador

Review date: Jun. 18, 2002

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Artist: Erase Errata

Album: At Crystal Palace

Label: Troubleman Unlimited

Review date: Nov. 4, 2003

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Art is Political

Artist: Exhaust

Album: Enregistreur

Label: Constellation

Review date: Sep. 5, 2002

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Artist: Inkblot

Album: Love Your Mother

Label: Audio Dregs

Review date: Jun. 25, 2002

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Artist: Landing

Album: Fade In Fade Out

Label: Strange Attractors Audio House

Review date: Oct. 23, 2002

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Bedroom Poetics

Artist: The Lucksmiths

Album: Naturaliste

Label: Drive-In

Review date: Aug. 12, 2003

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Monster of the Medway

Artist: Dan Melchior

Album: This is Not the Medway Sound

Label: SmartGuy

Review date: Jun. 3, 2003

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Artist: Polmo Polpo

Album: The Science of Breath

Label: Substractif

Review date: Aug. 15, 2002

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Artist: The Remote Viewer

Album: Here I Go Again On My Own

Label: City Centre Offices

Review date: Jul. 22, 2002

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Sex and Cheap Hotels Make for Good Listening

Artist: Run for Cover Lovers

Album: The Difficult Nature of Interpersonal Relationships

Label: Rockin' Pussy

Review date: Jan. 21, 2003

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I Require More Edgy Funk

Artist: The Sugarman 3

Album: Pure Cane Sugar

Label: Daptone

Review date: Mar. 17, 2003

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