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All Tomorrow's Parties - The Shins

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All Tomorrow's Parties - The Shins

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We talked to James Mercer, Shins leader.

Sam Hunt: Have you gotten to talk to Matt Groening at all?

James Mercer: No, I haven’t. Our tour manager talked to him, and apparently Matt was really excited to have us on board.

Sam Frank: We talked to him, and he said he wasn’t.

JM: Yeah, or he acted like he was. We’re huge Simpsons fans.

Ben Tausig: What did you think of Futurama?

JM: I like Futurama. It’s gotten a lot better. I enjoy it.

SF: Is it still on?

BT: No.

SF: So, does every band that plays the festival get to be on the Simpsons at some point?

JM: Man, I hope so. I hope to God the Shins can be on the Simpsons. Actually, I think that would be the end-all of being in a band.

SF: How would you arrange the theme song?

JM: Is that what we would have to do? [Sings] Bwaugh-bwaugh-bwaugh-bwaugh-bwaugh…bauw-bauw-bauw-bauw.

BT: how do you feel about being potential future labelmates with Wolf Eyes?

JM: How’s that, how do you mean? Are they going to sign to Sub Pop? God bless them.

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