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All Tomorrow's Parties - Deerhoof

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All Tomorrow's Parties - Deerhoof

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Sam Frank: Though we scrammed after three songs to catch the Magic Band, playing ten minutes away on the main stage, Deerhoof sounded good as always, if not as great as sometimes. The first two songs of the set sidelined their most obvious asset, drummer Greg Saunier, putting him on keyboards (which he also plays in the band Curtains); guitarist Chris Cohen replaced him on drums. They were in-progress live arrangements of new studio songs, recorded for the upcoming Milkman; they’re touring the material in April or so. It was a new sound, and I didn’t quite get it—but then it was back to the counter-rhythms and ricocheting themes, a/k/a AWESOME, and then we left.

Ben Tausig: Deerhoof's new stuff sounded pretty dreamlike in comparison to what I've heard them play before, and could work well as a kind of slow tension with which to preface their rock songs. I was sad to have to leave, as the payoff had only just begun. Satomi added, subtracted, and transposed lyrics, and the rest of the band brought their usual mixture of nervous stage presence and high enthusiasm. Typically, they played like they were awed and thrilled to be alive.

We talked to Deerhoof drummer (and keyboardist) Greg Saunier.

Sam Frank: You guys played during the Magic Band’s set. What are you trying to imply?

Greg Saunier: I didn’t see them. How did it sound?

SF: Pretty good.

GS: AH-HA-HA-HA-HA. So you guys didn’t even see us play.

SF: We saw the first three songs.

GS: What kind of answers am I going to be able to give? I mean, what kind of questions are you going to be able to ask?

SF: Are you giving up drums for keyboard? Is it a scoop?

GS: Only people who saw the entire set can tell you the answer to that question. AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA. No, no. We’re switching around. Sometimes Chris plays, sometime Satomi plays.

SF: Is this going to be on a new album? Are you recording?

GS: It’s all done. Coming out in March. It’s called Milkman. So how was Magic Band?

Ben Tausig: Good.

GS: They sounded good? What did they play? I mean, of course we were crushed that we ended up at the same time.

SF: I just thought you were getting a little big for your boots, deciding to set up and play during the Magic Band.

GS: AH-HA-HA. I see, I see what your joke is now. You think it was our idea. It was like, “Okay, which band do we have the least interest in seeing?” AH-HO-HO-HO. Chris was threatening to not even play tonight. He was just like, “No,” OH-HO-HO, “I’m going over there. You guys work it out on your own. I’m going to go see them play.” And he was completely demolished when he actually came out the door of the boat, right after we were finished, and he heard, “Rockette Morton! John French!” He was like, “Ohhhnnnoo!” He had just missed it. They had just played the last note. AH-HA-HA-HA.

SF: They all wore hats. Maybe guys should consider fedora-wearing.

GS: How do you know we didn’t? Starting with the fourth song? AH-HA-HA.

BT: They kept insisting that they weren’t old.


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